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myPST Multi-Purpose Handbook


myPST Multi-Purpose Handbook

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Updated December 17, 2013
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Diary, Album, Trip Planner, Travel Story, Schedule, Calendar, Calculator, Payments list, TODOs list, Contacts, Web bookmarks, Multimedia database, Questionnaire tool, Finance sheet, Photos slider, Notes, … whatever you think a mobile device should be can be realized with the help of myPST Multi-Purpose Handbook.
Although capable to customize with open standard Java script (ECMA script) is one of the most inspiring features of myPST, many convenient works can be achieved already with embedded kernel handlers. For example, I plan my travel with my Nexus 7. I collect interesting places, activities, opening time, admission fees, bus schedule, web page links, reservation numbers, electronic tickets, … and so on in myPST. Hierarchical data structure makes numerous travel information well organized. Convenient action bindings help me take photo/video, call phone, send email, check web pages, launch external APPs … by one click.
myPST functions well with no network connection. Therefore, I can keep tracking my travel plan and updating the most exciting memory by adding photos or writing new discoveries and impression to myPST even when I‘m climbing Rocky mountains on Amtrak‘s California Zephyr.
By the way, schedule handler brings today‘s plan to top, list recent plans in below, and show the running projects in between. So I can see most important events and plans in start page. Making links from my travel plan to scheduler makes checking the daily plan so easy. When I got free time and need to find something to do, I can check the running projects in middle or watch uploaded videos.
When I back home, the trip plan in myPST becomes my travel story/album because photos and impression had already joined to the trip plan. Then I can backup and share my journey by downloading the zipped journey data with most major web browsers. You can see an example at By the way, the data is stored as open standard XML. That is, you can convert it to the other formats by using general XML tools, such as XSLT. Or you can put it on your web site to share it on web. The shared page on web is just like you saw in myPST. For more details, please check
myPST is not only an android APP. It‘s a efficient platform to help you run open standard Java scripts (ECMA script) on android device in an extremely simple manner. Since myPST took the most complicated parts of creating a complete application, creating your own application with your style could be extremely simple by inheriting existing handlers. For more details, please check
You‘re welcome to create your own handlers, but it‘s not essential. Installing new handlers (packages) or upgrading kernel handlers from Internet are just several clicks. The kernel is keep updating and new handlers are continuously releasing because I found there are more and more works should run on mobile devices, such as order meal, do questionnaires, track works, write articles, write gaming guides, read comics, publish news, do financial statistics, share DM, …. Or you can tell me what you like your Android to do.

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