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stealthDroid Volume Manager F


stealthDroid Volume Manager F

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UpdatedOctober 15, 2013
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stealthDroid has all of the audio volume controls in one convenient place, but that’s just a small part of the app.

stealthDroid works WITH your Google Calendar and makes your Android smart-phone, just a little bit smarter!

This is the free version of stealthDroid Automatic Volume Manager.

If you find this useful, please download the donate version!

Has your phone ever embarrassed or gotten you into trouble because of an annoyingly loud or questionable ringtone?

Have you ever missed an important call because you forgot to restore your phone’s ringer volume after silencing it?

stealthDroid removes all of the worry of ever having to silence/restore your ringer with just a few short and simple steps:

1. Create events in your Google calendar (pssst….if you didn’t know, you already have a Google calendar, and it’s free ).

2. Download stealthDroid now and tell the app which calendar events should cause your phone to go silent by setting “watch words.”

stealthDroid will find any events in your Google calendar which contain your “watch words” and automatically put your phone into vibrate mode when these events start and restore your ringer volume when the events are over!

You can also set your own stealth events (outside of your Google calendar) if you’re looking to silence your phone for a period of time!

stealthdDroid is perfect for:
– The business person who’s in and out of meetings all day.
– The college student with a heavy class-load.
– The person who’s boss is always complaining of ringing cell phones.
– Anyone that doesn’t want to ever again worry about his or her ringer interrupting an important event.

No need to hassle with making schedules for work, meetings, classes, or weekends! These events are already in your calendar, and if not creating these events are extremely simple!

You already have a Google phone…and a FREE Google calendar!? Why not utilize them both and never need to manually silence your ringer again?!

Even if you’re not a heavy calendar user and just want to, say, make your phone automatically enter vibrate-only mode when you get to work during the week. It’s this simple:
1. Make a recurring event in your Google calendar and title it “Work.” You only have to do this once.
2. Add the phrase “Work” to the stealthDroid “Watch List”.
3. That’s it…there isn’t a third step, you’re done!

Between your working hours the phone will not ring and only vibrate. As soon as your working hours are finished, your phone will automatically restore the ringer volume to its previous setting.

Watch Words are CaSe SeNSiTive!

For now, steathDroid will only read events in your main Google calendar. I’m working on a way to make it easy for sub-calendars to be accessed as well. If you have sub-calendars and you would like stealthDroid to see the events in your sub-calendars, you must select the option that says “copy to my calendar.”


stealthDroid doesn’t access your calendar events by reading the data that’s already on your phone, it actually queries the Google servers for your calendar data. Because of this, you must allow stealthDroid access to your Google account. stealthDroid and MikeyApps will NEVER use ANY information needed to access your Google account for ANY other purposes. This is guaranteed.

Recent changes:
Added more functionality.

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