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UpdatedOctober 14, 2013
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Cats. Despite the fact that cats even in summer fluffy “coat”, they do not sweat, or rather, they sweat just paw pads. But fluid consumed their body still fast: on licking hair is as much liquid as on urination.
Figure nasal surface of each cat is unique as a human fingerprint. This cat’s nose is as sensitive as our fingertips: it takes them a fever and feels. Man looking for something in the dark, relying on the feel of the fingers, and blind kitten explores the world around him, in all tykayuchys nose and thereby determining the temperature and texture of surrounding things.
If your child by holding a thermometer under the arm, also decided to measure the temperature in the cat lying near, be prepared for a sea of tears. Sobs “Barsik bad,” and “Barsik die!” Likely will last all evening. Cats body temperature is higher than ours, and they are considered the norm for 39 degrees.
Whiskers the cat – a kind of radar that allow them to hunt in the dark. It is a mouse run somewhere nearby, like a cat with fluctuating air determines the distance to it. In addition, cats whiskers help determine climbed it in a narrow passage or stuck: the distance between the whiskers corresponds exactly to the width of the trunk cat.
And finally the most pleasant fact is that people who have cats are living longer.

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