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\"Kaomojikun15000 ★Lovely and F

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Updated October 14, 2013
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“Kaomojikun15000 ” was released on December 21, 2011!
Japan's LARGEST source!
Approximately 15,000 pictographs available for FREE.
Events/ Greetings/ Frequently used emotions are, of course, ready to be downloaded. Many UNIQUE emoticons have not yet provided by other provider are also available here.
・For example:(≧∀≦)
Commonly used in Japan

・Overseas example:XD :-<
Commonly used abroad
・Lovely emoticon example:\(。・ω・。)/
Cute emoticons are very popular among Japanese girls
※【twitter/ facebook users】Depending on the model you are using, some emotions do not display.
■How to use (3 steps)!
(1) Launched directly from the keyboard
(2) Invoked by clicking directly on the application
(3) Start by clicking the icon from the notification area
※(3) Before starting step 3, please check the “Display the notification area” from the configuration.
Registration and history is also recorded so that you can use immediately your favorite emoticons among the 15,000 items.
■Main applications that available for kaomojikun
– Twitter
– Facebook
■List of genre / content kaomojikun
happy, laugh, shy, angry, sweat, frightening, surprised, cry, sad, greeting, twitter
good morning, good afternoon, good evening, congratulations, thank you, sorry, nice to meet you, regards, long time no see, good night, bye bye
fun, happy, laugh, dance, sing, cry, sad, comfort, angry, terrible, silly, dissatisfied, shy, surprised, shock, trouble, sweat, weak, sigh
to run, to escape, to hide, to find, to discover, to get, to throw away, to please, to see, to listen, to play, to point, to take note
yes, it’s right, no, it’s wrong, OK, thrust, question, thinking, be amazed, praise, call, encourage, kansai slang, girl ending words

kiss, like, love, fellow, good friend, cheer
eating, sleeping, toilet, bath, tabacco, unhealthy etc…
★Event – Season
spring, summer, autumn, winter, christmas, new year holiday, valentine, birthday
★Hobby – Recreation
soccer, baseball, other sports, dance etc…

kick , punch, beam, pistol, bow, spear, bomb, curse, special moves, attack, falling, revive, defense, surrender etc…
sexual harassment, teasing, etc..
dog, cat, bear, pig, character
mail, home page, request
★Japanese celebrities
entertainer(male), entertainer(female)
smile, happy, sad, angry, surprised, action, people, famous people, animals, and other mini versions

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