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Ram Planet: Winter Free LWP


Ram Planet: Winter Free LWP

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UpdatedOctober 13, 2013
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Who said winter never (b)ends?! Ramdroid Studios proudly presents: Ram Planet: Winter. This interactive wallpaper turns your device into a portable winter planet with functionality. Watch how snowflakes fall gently to the ground while the planet rotates along as you swipe across your home screens. Let it snow!

This free version features:
– Beautiful & relaxing, high quality graphics
– Highly optimized
– The world rotates along as you swipe across your home screens
– Touch the sign to access wallpaper settings directly
– Adjust the number of snowflakes and clouds

Full version features:
– Adjustable day & night cycle: static, accelerated, or real time – you choose!
– Adjust the screen refresh rate – save battery!
– Adjust the number of snowflakes and clouds from 0 to 100
– Burstable clouds
– Use accelerometer to rotate the world
– Sign functions:
– Show time
– Show battery level
– Toggle WiFi
– Toggle Bluetooth

NOTE: Test the free edition first before purchasing this commercial one to confirm that your device is compatible with the software. ‘Ram planet: Winter’ uses hardware acceleration in its graphics, so if your device lacks a sufficient graphics processing unit (GPU), the application might not run as well as it was designed to.

USAGE: Go to your Home-screen > Press the Menu-button > Choose “Wallpapers” > Choose “Live wallpapers” > Select “Ram planet: Winter Free” > Push the “Set wallpaper” –button.
Not all devices support the Live Wallpaper -feature. If the “Live Wallpapers” category is missing when following the previous instructions, it means that your handset lacks the support.

Why is SD card installation not recommended for Live Wallpapers?
– When an application is installed to SD card, then every time the SD card becomes unavailable (for example when the device is connected to a computer or simply when the card is dismounted) the Android operating system kills all the applications installed to it to prevent data loss & other problems. Live wallpapers are in a sense always on, meaning that users who have them installed on their SD card, will always have to reselect the wallpaper again from the wallpapers list after the SD card is once again available. This is the reason why we strongly recommend you to keep the Live Wallpaper you are using installed on your devices internal memory.

Why does the application require the Internet permission?
– For us to display our own promotional graphics in the settings.

If you experience any problems with the application, please do not hesitate to contact us – “Does not work” in the comments won’t help us solve anything.

Recent changes:
v. 1.0.3
– Switched the ad component to Google’s Admob, hence the extra permission “ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE”
– Added an auto pan function for the camera. NOTE: This function slightly altered the “swipe smoothness”, so you might have to re-adjust that setting.
– Reorganized & renamed some settings
– Fixed issues with touch events in the preview
– Fixed a problem on newer Androids which limited the camera movement to half of the intended
– Optimizations & memory reductions

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