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Intel® Power Monitoring Tool

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UpdatedOctober 13, 2013
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Intel(R) Power Monitoring Tool for Android Devices is a data profiling tool on Android devices for the power and performance rated data. The tool monitors a minimum set of component-level power-related performance data and is intent to make it easy for Android software developers/engineers to i) identify power/performance related issues by providing online monitoring for the system and a particular app and ii) quantitatively diagnose these issues by providing a logging file.

Intel(R) Power Monitoring Tool for Android Devices includes the following two major features.

1) Collect component level power related performance data on Android devices
We collect minimum sets of power related data based on our experience with tablets and phones with Android operating system. The following components are considered: CPU, Display, Wifi, Modem, Primary storage (SSD or EMMC), SD card, battery and others. For these components, we provide users the capability of monitoring the following power-related data.
* Battery – Battery status, Battery voltage, Battery current, Battery remaining capacitance,
Battery charging/discharging power
* CPU – CPU frequency of each CPU, CPU utilization of each CPU, CPU P state residency, CPU C state residency
* Display – Display On/off state, Brightness level
* Wifi – TxRx packet rate, TxRx data rate
* Modem – TxRx packet rate, TxRx data rate
* SSD/EMMC – Read bandwidth, Write bandwidth
* SD card – Read bandwidth, Write bandwidth
* a specified app – State , thread #, App user and system utilizations

2) Online system and app monitoring
Power Monitoring Tool provides online system and app monitoring. When the Android system is running or an app is running, Power Monitoring Tool provides a small window on the right side of status bar which shows the key power related data in sampling rate. The below is a screen snapshot that Power Monitoring Tool monitors the browser app and the system. The near real-time window includes the following data:
Timestamp: BP, battery discharged power, CPU, overall CPU frequency, CPU0 utilization, CPU1 utilization, Wifi, Wifi Tx packets, Wifi Rx packets, App, App state, App thread #, App utilization.

The start/stop of profiling service actions are triggered by user clicks with Power Monitoring Tool app. After user stops power profiling service, a log file named powermonitor.log is generated on external storage if exists. The file includes all the power related data addressed in the previous section at all the sampling times between the start and stop times of profiling service.

Users can select the email option to send out the powerprofiler.log to his/her own email box after the profiling service stops. In all the processes, the user does not need to use adb shell to gather/monitor data, which provides non-experienced users a way to collect power related data.

– Supported devices
Currently Power Monitoring Tool supports GreenRidge*, RedRidge* and BlackBay* devices based on Intel Atom processors and Mortorola Xoom* based on ARM processors.

– Supported operating systems
Currently Power Monitoring Tool supports recent Android GingerBread/HoneyComb/IceCreamSandwich*.

– How to install this app
Install Power Monitoring Tool app from Google MarketPlace

– How to use some features

1. Use profiling feature and send out the log via email

2. Use on-line monitoring feature

3. Use application monitoring feature

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