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Shuttle FTP


Shuttle FTP

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Version 2011.07.28
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Updated October 13, 2013
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Shuttle FTP is a lite ftp server running on your android device. When it is connected to intranet (local network) through WIFI, you can operate your mobile files from desktop PC without cable.


1. Activate the server and operate files from PC is the most important feature for this sort of tool, so we put one and only one button on the screen to activate/deactivate the server.
2. We intentionally drop of SSL, MOD, etc. odd FTP features, basically this is a LITE tool, it should be effective and simple. Those features no body will expect from this little tool.
3. We hide other second-important features to the menu, for example monitor file chagnes, setting thing.

1. Connect mobile to WIFI network
2. Open Shuttle FTP, touch the magic ball, turn it to green.
3. Use hinted address, such as “” to access your mobile.

1. View linked WIFI signal to avoid linking wrong network.
2. Click “ssid” to change the network easily.
2. Supports user and password
3. Supports chaning FTP root
4. Count number & size of upload/download files

1. When communicate with Windows Vista above, avoid using port 21, system firewall may screen this port off.
2. Change the ftp root in setting menu, if you need.

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1. Design of Shuttle FTP (
2. Shuttle FTP supports Unicode file name (

Recent changes:
1. change to more simple interface yet keep functions
2. reduce apk size
3. support changing ftp root as some friends’ suggestions
4. hint user which wifi network (SSID) the device currently linked, if it is not the current network, user can click the SSID to change
5. count number of upload/download files
6. count size of upload/download files
7. can clear the log

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