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Fire Flames 3D Live Wallpaper


Fire Flames 3D Live Wallpaper

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UpdatedOctober 13, 2013
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Let the fire burn on your screen! Heat up your phone with amazing Fire Flames 3D Live Wallpaper! This free 3D LWP will make it completely different and unique! Let it change the look of your phone forever! Do not miss to download it for free and enrich your 3D live gallery!

– Amazing 3D live wallpaper for Android!
– Interactive feature: Tap anywhere on the screen and the stars will appear immediately!
– There is full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
– This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!
Installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
Fire Flames 3D Live Wallpaper is perfect LWP for those who like playing with fire and who are not afraid of it but rather enjoy it!
The ancient Greeks and alchemists thought that it was an element. They also considered earth, air, and water to be elements. However, the modern definition of an element defines it by the number of protons a pure substance possesses. It is made up of many different substances, so it is not an element.
For the most part, it is a mixture of hot gases. Flames are the result of a chemical reaction, primarily between oxygen in air and a fuel, such as wood or propane. In addition to other products, the reaction produces carbon dioxide, light, and heat. If it is hot enough, the gases are ionized and become yet another state of matter: plasma.
There are many people who like playing with fire. People get their rush in many different flavors. For some, one flavor is the flame. It is notoriously a difficult beast to control, so imagine what it’s like to first fire your home-made flamethrower 30-50ft and feel the power in your hands stream across a snow-filled field and then rise angrily into the night sky. Or walk outside at midnight and light up a pair of poi. Then trail them on the ground in a ring and start dancing with it rising around you. It’s a dangerous rush that you’re in control of.
Get the Fire Flames 3D Live Wallpaper for free right now!
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