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Linpus Keyboard (main body)


Linpus Keyboard (main body)

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UpdatedOctober 11, 2013
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Linpus Keyboard is an exceptionally feature rich and easy-to-use keyboard, that supports 27+ languages and their keyboard layouts (not include Chinese). Linpus Keyboard has a split keyboard option for tablet users and a host of features to make prediction and word selection quicker and more accurate. For example, as you are typing, the word prediction bar has touch built in so it can be flicked left and right, and your local address book can be imported so your contacts names are easily inputted into your messages.

Key features:
* Languages: English-GB
– English-US
– French-FR
– French-CA
– German-DE
– Spanish-ES
– Spanish-US
– Catalan
– Italian-IT
– Dutch-NL
– Portuguese-PT
– Portuguese-BR
– Turkish-TR
– Polish-PL
– Czech-CZ
– Swedish-SV
– Finnish-FI
– Norwegian-NO
– Danish-DA
– Russian-RU
– Hungarian-HU
– Greek-EL
– Arabic-AR
– Slovak-SK
– Thai
* Multilingual common symbols support
* Error-correction support
* Memory – Most used words are moved to front of list
* Google voice input support
* Emotion symbol support
* Keyboard layout candidate view fling animation support;
* Keyboard layout candidate view gesture support;
* Swipe left / right to switch to a split keyboard option for tablet users;
* Support Emoji and Emotion.

v1.2.2 Update List:
1. Adjust the emotion layout;
2. Change the skin and layout;
3. Modify the function key “123#”;
4. Easy to search uninstalled language package in the setting.

v1.2.0 Update List:
1. Add Thai Keyboard;
2. Add direction pad in candidate view to easier edit text;
3. Modify punctuation: easier to use;
4. Fix crash issue caused by XML parse;
5. All language packages except English(US) need to load manually, it will make the load size smaller.

Recent changes:
v1.2.4 Update List:

1. Add auto correction in the en_US keyboard;
2. Modify the skin and layout;
3. Add some symbol on the second row of the en_US keyboard.

Note: Long press the “Enter” key at the lower right corner can enter the setting keyboard page directly.

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