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Simeji(Japanese Keyboard)

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UpdatedOctober 11, 2013
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Simeji is a 5 million downloaded free Japanese IME (soft keyboard).
– Optimized conversion and word prediction
– High customizing capability, including setting your own images as keyboard skin
– Various input methods, like as Flick, Toggle, Qwerty, Qwerty-EX, and Bell.
– New skins collaborated with Japanese local mascots, like Kumamon, Udonnoww are released!
– Fabulous skins, like HATSUSNE MIKU, KAGAMINE RIN/LEN, MEGURINE LUKA are now free to apply!
– Over 500 million downloaded!

* Kaomoji
– Over 3000 kaomoji is available!
– Easy to type Glyph and Text stamp (Ascii art), shown in each category list.
* Emoji
– Various emoji, like ♥ , equivalent to Docomo/KDDI/Softbank are available.
* Input methods
– Selections for input methods, such as Flick, Toggle, QWERTY, QWERTY-EX, and Bell.
* Skin Gallery
– High customizing capability, including setting your own images as keyboard skin.
– Selections of various skin design available to apply from Skin Gallery.
* Cloud IME
– Over 2 million Buzz words, newly coined words and phrases are stored in cloud IME
– Any word once converted is automatically saved in local dictionary, so this conversion applies without active network connection.
* Simple Starting Page
– Simeji Start page is designed as simple possible to set your favorite keyboard and skin
* Mushroom
Mushroom is our original function, which accepts external app helping unique inputs.
* Slide Menu
Easy access to Mushroom, Skin Gallery and Setting Page

– Skin
— Simeji Setting -> Skin Gallery
— Simeji Setting -> Local Skin
— Slide Menu -> Skin Gallery
– Flick Color
— Simeji Setting -> Keyboard -> Detail Setting (Flick) -> Flick Color
– Flick Range
— Simeji Setting -> Keyboard -> Detail Setting (Flick) -> Flick Range
– Cloud IME
— Simeji Setting -> Conversion -> Cloud IME On/Off
And more!


* Required *
— Android1.6 or later.
— If you use Android1.5, you can use Simeji classic.
– This App will ask your permission to access 'Your personal information'. This is for Mushroom App 'contact Picker', helping fast typing pulling information from your address book. The address information is only accessed for this function.

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