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Mosquito Zero


Mosquito Zero

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Updated October 10, 2013
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Summer is probably the most troublesome one is the mosquito.
Itchy bite, displacing up to severe inflammation.

Most of you awakened to the sound of a mosquito\’s wing\’ll never wake from sleep.
Turn on the light to catch mosquitoes, mosquitoes can not be found. : (

Mosquito zero is the app will solve the trouble.

Mosquito Zero is made from the following principles.
1. The female mosquitoes breeding season males are reluctant to come closer.
The principle is similar to the sound a male mosquito\’s wing to play the sound of the zoom will
prevent access of mosquitoes.

2. Natural enemy of mosquitoes, one of a dragonfly\’s wing to play the sound of the zoom will let you get away mosquitoes.

Moss zero three main modes.
1. Indoor
– Indoor sound of male mosquito\’s wing to play.

Two. For camping
– Mostly male mosquitoes that inhabit the forest or on the beach, the sound of the wings to play.

Three. Apply cloth
– The natural enemy of a dragonfly wing sound to play.

* Caution
1. Indoor and camping facilitates the application, please use the cloth to get loud right.
Apply one thousand most people sleep listening to hard-to-use high-frequency sound is good.

2. Silent mode and do not use too large a volume.
The effect is large even if the volume.

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Content rating: Everyone

Content rating: Everyone

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