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Android Armour Antivirus


Android Armour Antivirus

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UpdatedOctober 8, 2013
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Why pick an Android Security & Antivirus App that only uses one Antivirus database? That would be silly…

Android Armour™ provides free access to an updated, real-time, database covering 30+ major name-brand antivirus databases. ALL IN ONE! The HackerTrapp™ uses a proprietary technology utilizing malware & antivirus databases of the best & the brightest in the business.

You can scan any of your apps individually for an antivirus assessment of that app, along with the ability to immediately remove the app if it poses a threat risk (virus, malware, adware, risky setting, or other issues).

Features & Benefits

★—–Total Mobile Safety™ & HackerTrapp™ Technologies ——★

Our Security & Antivirus App also automatically does a FREE full scan of ALL of your apps against all CURRENT antivirus databases (many products make you pay to use a current database – which offers no security at all!) on install and every seven days. The FREE antivirus & malware scan will give you peace of mind when no issues are identified. Potential threats range from viruses to malware, spyware, adware, risky security settings, and other issues.

If issues are found, upgrading to the premium version of the application will allow you to view what those issues are, along with more detailed information about the issues, and options to immediately remove the problem apps.

The premium version also provides real-time protection, scanning any apps the moment you install them, and allows you to set your device to be automatically scanned up to every 12 hours.

★—–Android Privacy Guard™ ——★

Every time you surf the web you put your privacy at risk. Here’s how: as a convenience to you (in order to make surfing faster) the Android Operating System keeps track of all the websites you visit, all the form fields you input (logins, first name, last name, etc), all photos viewed. It basically tracks the things you do EVERYWHERE you go. If anyone else gets a hold of your phone, all of that sensitive information puts your PRIVACY at RISK.

Privacy Guard™ wipes your phone cache & history clean in seconds.

★—–Security Leak Detector™ Technology (Premium Feature)——★

Security Leak Detector™ completes a full security audit of all of your apps. Then identifies which may be problematic with easy and quick options for trusting or removing security threats.

★—–Task Annihilator™ ——★

One button task killer & uninstaller. Annihilates system hogging apps to make your phone run faster.

★—–SD Card Master™ (Premium Feature) ——★

The premium version also provides the ability to complete SAFE app installs from your SD Card eliminating a major threat to your security if you are unprotected. Many fraudulent apps use this as their backdoor.


“The mean consumer out-of-pocket cost due to identity fraud increased last year to $631” – Identity Theft Assistance Center

With the average cost to a victim of Identify Theft being $631, can you really afford not to protect yourself with our Android Antivirus App?

“…rogue apps…harvest the phone’s address book, the phone number, the user’s name and email address, and the phone’s unique identifying IMEI number. With a phone user’s name, IMEI, and wireless account information, an attacker could clone the phone and intercept calls and SMS messages, or siphon money from a user by initiating premium calls and SMS services. –


Install Android Armour™ today and instantly protect yourself from threats like: Trojans, Spyware, Phishing Attacks, Hackers, Rogue Apps, and many more…

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You won’t be disappointed…get Android Armour™ Security & Antivirus and do a Free scan now!

Recent changes:
Experts agree, “there’s never been a more comprehensive Android Security & Antivirus App” before Android Armour™.

New Features Include:

– HackerTrapp™ – the most comprehensive malware & virus engine utilizing over 30 of the top Name-brand Antivirus engines available

– Total Mobile Safety™: provides complete Android protection without slowing it down and putting excessive drain on your battery

– Premium Version: 0-click automatic scanning & protection against malware, viruses, and spyware

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