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Android Quick Uninstaller FREE


Android Quick Uninstaller FREE

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UpdatedOctober 8, 2013
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The Android Quick Uninstaller FREE can Quickly & Easily Uninstall Apps with one button click and is quickly becoming the #1 App Uninstaller!

1-Click Uninstaller! Install this Android Uninstaller & more than double the available memory on any Android phone. Click MORE to learn more.

The Android Uninstaller FREE…frees up your critical CPU resources which reduces the drain on your systems memory, improving performance by up to 100%. Get a real Memory Boost!


“So easy. I LOVE the 1-Click Uninstaller feature. Works Great on my Android Google Nexus S! “- Jason

“Wiped my phone clean in 30 seconds! – HTC Thunderbolt “- Cammi

“I absolutely love this app! My phone used to lock up all the time. Best App Uninstaller on the market. Brilliant! – Motorola Droid Bionic”- Nikki

“Better than Perfect Uninstaller…4 sure! LG Optimus 3D!”- kristine

“Works great – a really great uninstaller app! It definitely cleaned my phone fast.”
– Jon

“My Android was bogged down with a bunch of apps I didn’t use anymore…Totally clean now. Phone = Samsung Epic 4G”- Ali

“My Samsung Galaxy SII is happy now! Did this Uninstaller Work? HELLYEAH!”
– David

“Best Uninstaller App & Memory Optimizer on the market!!! HTC Desire “- Peter

“It amazing that such a wimpy app kicks ass so well. My Android Memory is definitely up on my HTC Droid Incredible.”- Enrique

This Uninstaller frees up valuable system resources which improves your Android performance by up to 100%.
It speeds up your phone’s running speed and frees up memory.

★—–Super Light Install——★
A lot of Uninstall Apps require HUGE install packages and end up slowing your phone down in the process. Our super light package is a “lean mean app uninstalling” machine.

★—–Complete Android Batch Uninstaller——★
Not designed to replace Android’s existing system, but is a major overhaul. It’s the Uninstaller app that Android should have come with.

★—–Task Killer/Advanced Task Manager——★
The task killer in Android Uninstaller FREE allows you to kill processes on your Android quickly and easily. The best process manager available to date.

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Get our Android Uninstaller FREE today!

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