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UpdatedOctober 4, 2013
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“Simple tasks should never require complex procedures”
– Hugo Barra, Director of Android Product Management at Google.

Android OS has come a long way past few years and is going faster than ever. And yet, there are still some basic actions which could be performed much simpler and easier. How often do you find yourself wishing you could just switch the orientation of your screen and keep it that way, without having to repeatedly enable/disable the auto-rotation? Or turn your device ON/OFF, without having to reach for the power button? Or even having your device recognize when it’s about to be used and waking itself up automatically? Or maybe you just need an instant LED flashlight, without even waking the device?!?

Welcome to the next generation screen control for Android! ASC utilizes the available sensors to allow easier management of your device. Its unique features are fully customizable and particularly useful for managing larger screen devices, although they can make the daily use of any device much more convenient.

Used terms:
“Wave” means to wave (or slide) your hand (or finger) closely in front of the proximity sensor of your device, in accordance with the chosen settings.
“Shake” means to shake the device in accordance with the chosen settings.

IMPORTANT: Please remove any other “shake” or “wave” apps before trying ASC!

Key features:
✔ Automatically wake up the device when you take it out of pocket/bag;
✔ Screen Filter – decrease the screen brightness below the system default.
✔ Smart Screen On/Off – automatically turn the screen on and off based on close proximity (device is in pocket/bag) and optionally lock the device after set amount of time;
✔ Wave or Shake to:
◦ turn the screen off and lock the device;
◦ wake up the device (if supported by device hardware);
◦ toggle Auto-Rotation On/Off;
◦ change the screen orientation, without releasing the orientation lock (Android 3.0 and up);
◦ launch any app;
◦ turn the LED light On/Off.

Other options:
– start on boot;
– persistent service;
– fully configurable 3 Wave and 2 Shake actions.

User reviews:
★★★★★ “Best Ever!
This app saved my phone! My power button wasn’t working anymore, so I couldn’t unlock or lock my phone, but now I can. It’s simple and easy. A life saver.
” – Franchesca, LGE LG-LS855 (LS855)
★★★★★ “Amazing app!
I have been using this for several weeks and can’t imagine how I’ve done before that! It is incredibly useful and very easy to get used to. I use all it’s features and I often use it to impress my friends with how smart my tab is! xD”
– Chris, Galaxy Tab 7.7 (P-6800)
★★★★★ “Great!
I’ve got the S3 flip cover. When I open the cover, the screen comes on. It’s really handy.”
– A Google User, Samsung Galaxy S3

Тhe app is power–use optimized and using the Screen Filter on AMOLED screens can actually save you quite a lot of battery power as well as prolong the lifetime of your screen!
WARNING: Using any “Shake on Screen-Off” actions will consume more battery power!

IMPORTANT: Developing apps for hardware features of Android devices is a really though job, as there are so many different devices with different hardware and software implementations. So I have a very important request for all of you – if you encounter any issues, please send me an email so I can actually help you! Just mentioning it in the comments is useless! Seriously! Thank you!

Development support:
This app is developed by a single independent developer. If you like it and want to help my efforts – please give it a 5 star rating and share it with your friends.Your support is what keeps me working on it.

Recent changes:
v.1.25 – 03/05/2013
Concept change – the functionality of ASC will be improved and separated into three different apps. Highly recommend you try them out.
(Fix) Some crash fixes.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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