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Screen Toolbox


Screen Toolbox

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UpdatedOctober 4, 2013
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“Simple tasks should never require complex procedures”
– Hugo Barra, Director of Android Product Management at Google

This is a useful set of tools which eliminate some of the limitations in the daily use of your Android device. The app is still in very early stage of development, it is being actively worked on, so you should expect much improvement and many more features being added constantly.

There are three settings tabs – Shake, Proximity and Miscellaneous.

The Shake tab contains the settings for one of the most useful current features of Screen Toolbox – a unique, fast and straightforward way of simply rotating your screen orientation, while keeping the auto-rotation off. For example – when laying down, reading or surfing the web, you definitely don’t want you screen to keep rotating based on gravity. However, sometimes the content you are looking at is best viewed in landscape or portrait and you want to switch the orientation of the screen so you can view it better. In order to do that, you had to do several things:
1. Enable the auto-rotation;
2. Rotate your device in the position you want the screen to be;
3. Wait for the sensor to pick it up and rotate the screen;
4. Turn off the auto-rotation so that it doesn’t rotate back;
5. Continue to do what you actually want to do…

Screen Toolbox allows you to just change the screen orientation, by simply shaking the device. You can configure the shaking in force, frequency and duration to perfectly suit your preferences and the device hardware.

Shake force:
The minimum force of each shake in order for it to be registered. This is a threshold to filter the casual movements of the device.

Shake frequency:
The maximum time frame between two registered shakes to avoid restarting the counter. This is to filter any random shakes.

Shake duration:
The amount of shakes with the set force and frequency, needed for the screen to be rotated.

Setting the right configuration is a matter of finding the balance between usability and unintentional triggering, so it depends on the way you use your device. Basically there are two ways to go with the Shake settings – low force with longer duration (to rotate the screen by slightly shaking the device for few seconds) or high force with shorter duration (to rotate the screen by few strong shakes). You should play with the frequency to see what works best for you.

The Proximity (PROX.) tab contains the settings for another current feature of Screen Toolbox – the utilization of the proximity sensor for blocking or turning the screen off. You can choose to automatically turn off the screen the moment you put the device in your bag or pocket, or to just block the input. When the screen is blocked you will see a sign in the upper right corner, which you can touch to turn off the screen completely. Those functions allow you to put your device away and don’t worry about it still being active. Try the different settings to better understand what they do.

The app is power-use optimized and has little to no battery consumption. The service is automatically paused when the screen turns off, to save battery power.

Development support notice:
The app is ad-supported, which is the only possible option for the developer, due to limitations set by Google. Please do not use ad-blocking software, as you deprive this and other developers from their only (and actually very, very poor) source of income. Choosing the “More supportive option” would rise the priority of the app and would actually speed up its development. Clicking the ads will not interrupt your experience and you might actually find something interesting by doing that, so please don’t avoid it.

Recent changes:
(IMPROVE) Massive UI improvement, more to come.
(ADD) New feature – Screen Block/Off on proximity! When screen is blocked, touch the appearing image to turn it off! Notice: this does not lock the screen and does not put the device in sleep mode!

(FIX) “Start on boot” and “Resume on Screen-On” options should now work properly on all devices.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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