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Advanced Torrent Downloader

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UpdatedOctober 1, 2013
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Advanced Torrent Downloader
It is the most advanced one on android market. You can not miss it if you what to download torrent file more quickly and conveniently!!!
There are so many torrent file on internet, and we can enjoy most of them without paying money. You can not miss the torrent file and you need a torrent downloader to download them from the torrent websites. Advanced Torrent Downloader is your best choice. It offer you entering the three main torrent sites. They are Fenopy, The Pirate Bay, and IsoHunt. With this app you can download torrent from the three bay directly. And it has a quick speed, it will not take you much times
As we all know the torrent we download are just seeds and we need download them to available files. For example, we download a free music song seeds from the Fenoy, and then we deed to download it and make it can be played with our mobile music player. Advanced Torrent Downloader can make them become available files too! The most great thing is you can see the downloading logcat or download process in this free app. If you think it is important for you, you can save parts log into your SD card!
It is really the most advanced one on this market. Let’s view its functions one by one:
1.Totally free torrent downloader ap[ for all people who would like to download free torrent from websites!
2.Search the torrent from three main sites: Fenopy, the Pirate Bay, and IsoHunt! You can choose any one you like to download torrent seeds.
3.Input the key words about the torrent you what to download and press search button, you can see a list related to your search. In the list, you can see the file name, verified, size and seeder and so on. You can decide which to download according to the information offered you.
4.Press one in the list, you can enter a downloader page.
5.There are four buttons on the top of downloading seeds page.
-Back button help you back to the list page or the home page.
-Down button can help you download the torrent seeds directly to your mobile. IT will tell you your torrent has ben saved in your SD card folder named HadApp.
Please use this button to download file instead of the download mark in the page.
-Home button take you back the home page directly.
-Supply button can tell me your support and tell you how to download with this app.
6.In the seeds download page, you can see all information about the file you what to download, you can also enlarge or shrink the page as you like.
7.Press torrent button in home page, you can see a list about all file in your mobile phone. find the folder named Had App, you can see all torrent seeds you download from websites. Press the file, you can download them to available file.
8.In the downloading to Available file page, you can see the information about the seeds and press log button you can see what progress is going in the downloading.
9.In log page, press the menu button of your phone, you can mange the log as you like.

Are you still worry about can not download from internet more quickly? Are you still think using two different app to download seeds is not conveniently? Now you can download seeds and available file (no matter the flv, mp4 video file or the file of audio like mp3, ogg…) to your mobile directly. After the downloading, you can enjoy them directly with the movie player or music player and other devices on your mobile phone! Why don’t you have a try?
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To buy a coffee, I add ad to this app, it may use icon or notification. most of permissions is used by ad, and they are completely harmless and at no point do we collect or store any personal information!
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