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Vibrate then Ring with Flash


Vibrate then Ring with Flash

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Version 2.16.3
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Updated October 1, 2013
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—– NOTICE —————-
1) How to solve Text-To-Speech problem. (Voice issue)
(1) In app, Click FAQ in menu button or screen of Notification App
(2) Disable TTS-related app on the below in FAQ screen.

2) DROID RAZR, Galaxy Nexus – it may not work flash.
3) Setup info for GoSMS, HandcentSMS, third party SMS apps
– Add to Notification App, because they prevent original SMS message event.
– GoSMS → Settings → Advanced Tab → Receive Settings → uncheck “Disable other message notification”
4) If it doesn’t work, Try to turn the power off and then on
# Vibrate then Ring with Flash by Shake
# Notification Flash Enable
– Flash when a new notification arrives in selected app(Twitter, Alarm/Clock, Mail, Messenger, etc)
(However, you must activate the [Accessibility] service)
* Feature phones as the primary function, but Android does not support basic Vibrate then ring camera flash functions can be used simultaneously. and there is supported to answer in call by shaking
# Vibrate then Ring
1) When a call arrives, it will start to vibrate mode.
2) a certain amount of time after the ring tone progressively larger rings.
3) or to set the loudness rings.
# Incoming Call Flash
1) When a call arrives, the flash sparkling shines.
2) Set the starting time of the flash
3) Set the number of flash flashing
# SMS Flash Enable
# Notification Flash
1) Flashing, when there is notified in the selected App
2) Individual setting of Flash speed and duration
3) It must activate the [Accessibility] service works
# Missed Call / Unread SMS Flash
1) Flash is repeated at specific intervals for max 1 hour
# Answer Call by Shake
1) when the phone rang , You can answer the phone by Shaking
2) set the sensitivity of shaking
## Please refer ##
1 Phones may have to do some action.
2 If it doesn’t work, reboot or kill all processes
* now no longer should be ringing ringing phone to be embarrassed or not due to the App if you wanted to dramatically reduce

# TAG Vibration / vibration after / ring / flash / LED / FLASH / light / LIGHT / vibrator / vib / blink / vibration Bell / Bell / ringtones / flash LED / camera / camera / light / shiny / ring / RING / ring after vibration / notification / noti / alert / notify / twitter / facebook / messenger / kakao / clock / Whatsapp /
deaf / hearing / impairment

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