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Police Scanner Pro


Police Scanner Pro

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UpdatedSeptember 25, 2013
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Police Scanner Pro
Police Scanner Pro is the best police scanner or police radio out there because it is FREE but gives you all of the same features and quality as the paid radio apps.

Police Scanner and Radio lets you listen in on live emergency (firefighter and police), military (marine) and transportation (airplanes and railroads) conversations taking place over the radio waves. Scan what’s being said so you can be the first to learn breaking news in your area. (Please note it is legal to listen to, but not interfere with, police feeds for entertainment purposes only.)

– Listen to the police radio (similar to a police scanner)
– Choose from one of the 3500 Police Scanner Radio options that come with this app
– Listen to police feeds in the background (you can use other apps or visit websites while you listen to the transmissions)
– Choose from any police radios around you with our nearby feature (we even tell you how far you are away from the radio station)
– Choose from the Top100 feeds
– Or search the country, state, county or city to find the feed you would like to tune into
– The app also comes with a police code language dictionary so you know what’s going on the police radio that you are listening to

How does a police radio scanner work? (answer from Wikipedia)
A scanner is a radio receiver that can automatically tune, or scan, two or more discrete frequencies, stopping when it finds a signal on one of them and then continuing to scan other frequencies when the initial transmission ceases.

The terms radio scanner or police scanner generally refer to a communications receiver that is primarily intended for monitoring VHF and UHF landmobile radio systems, as opposed to, say, a receiver used to monitor international shortwave transmissions.

We have put all of this in an app for you so it is easy to listen to the police radio, for everyone.

Is it legal?
In most countries, including the USA, it is legal to listen to the police radio or to use a police scanner. However, it is NOT legal to use this app to aid in a crime or interfere with police activity.

Is the radio real?
Yes, all of the police streams that you can listen to in the police scanner radio are real. They are played in real-time.

Police Codes:
The following codes are used in California[2]; most are from the California Penal Code (except as noted below):
Code Description
187 Homicide
207 Kidnapping
207A Kidnapping attempt
211 Robbery
211A Robbery alarm
211S Robbery alarm, silent
213 Use of illegal explosives
215 Carjacking
217 Assault with intent to murder
240 Assault
242 Battery
245 Assault with a deadly weapon
246 Shooting at inhabited dwelling
261 Rape
261A Attempted rape
273A Child neglect
273D Domestic violence – Felony
288 Lewd conduct
311 Indecent exposure
314 Indecent exposure
374B Illegal dumping
390 Drunk
390D Drunk, unconscious
415 Disturbance
417 Person with a gun
417K Person with a knife
419 Dead human body
428 Child Molest
444 Officer-Involved Shooting
459 Burglary
459A Burglar alarm
459S Burglar alarm, silent
470 Forgery
480 Hit and run – Felony (great bodily injury or death)
481 Hit and run – Misdemeanor
484 Theft (definition)
487 Grand theft (value >= $950, or certain livestock)
488 Petty theft (value < $950)
501 Drunk Driving – Felony (great bodily injury or death)
502 Drunk Driving
503 Auto theft
504 Tampering with a vehicle
505A Reckless driving
507 Public nuisance
510 Speeding or racing vehicles
586 Illegal parking
594 Malicious mischief
604 Throwing missiles
647 Lewd conduct (various subsections)
653M Threatening phone calls

Recently Changed Codes:
Old New Description
480 20001 Felony Hit and Run
481 20002 Misdemeanor Hit and Run
501 23151 Felony Drunk Driving
502 23152 Misdemeanor Drunk Driving[3]
503 10851 Stolen Vehicle (also a penal code section, 487A, Grand Theft Auto)
504 10854 Tampering with a Motor Vehicle
505 23103 Reckless Driving
510 23109 Speed Contest / Racing
586 22500 Illegal Parking

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  • this is good because it‘s very excite action listening to police radio.
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