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Ulticraft Lite


Ulticraft Lite

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Version 1.2
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Updated September 25, 2013
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Category Personalization & Tools


Introducing Minecraft’s best pocket guide, Ulticraft! Ulticraft is a powerful minecraft pocket guide ready for any help you could possibly need. Ulticraft keeps all of its information stored locally on your phone so you don’t need to wait for any pages to download. If you need a quick reference where ever you are, Ulticraft is perfect for you! This minecraft guide has many many topics and sections you need, for example: Crafting, Smelting, Enchanting, Brewing, Mobs, Items, Tutorials, Nether, End, Tekkit, and tons more!

≈≈ Free VS Paid ≈≈

Usually applications will limit you information if you don’t buy their app. For example, you aren’t allowed to see =all= of the information unless you pay. The world doesn’t work that way! Information is supposed to be free and accessed by anyone! So, that said, the ONLY difference between the lite and paid version is advertisements. The free version has ads, and the paid version doesn’t.

≈≈ Possibilities ≈≈

You are in a new world, your eyes are glazing at all of these pixeled blocks, but little do you know behind the grass there are thundering lava caves, creepers, dark secrets of the enderman who roar. But where do you start? Ulticraft! Learn to craft your tools and get better minerals to create diamond armor. Learn how to kill an enderman and create an ender eye. Find the end and slay the dragon. Learn to make redstone circiuts to prevent mobs into your home. Enter the nether and learn to slay all in your path. Ulticraft has many possibilities!

≈≈ Recipes ≈≈

Ulticraft neatly organizes all crafting, smelting, brewing, enchanting, and all other recipes are all included in their own sections with quality descriptions and images built for fast access, quick lookup information. Crafting images are detailed animated images of the crafting table.

≈≈ Tutorials ≈≈

The tutorial section is a chunkload full of organized collections of tutorials on how to do pretty much everything you would want to do. Surviving in the nether, your first day, fighting the ender dragon, hunger management and chunks more!

≈≈ Emergency ≈≈

In a real hurry? Are you going to die? Tap the Red Cross icon and tap your issue and ulticraft pulls up the most important tips and information for you so you don’t have to wait for anything. All help is here whenever you need it! This section also has tips and tricks on how to get your items back or survive a fall!

≈≈ Features ≈≈

● Emergency Section
● Tutorial Collection
● Crafting Section
● Smelting Section’
● Brewing Section
● Enchanting Section
● Mobs Section
● Items Section
● Tekkit Section
● Mods Section
● Texturepacks Section
● Seeds Section
● Pocket Edition Section
● Xbox Edition Section
● Server Section
● About Section

≈≈ Connect! ≈≈

Want to see what we are working on at this very moment? Want to ask us questions and suggest ideas? We aren’t mean people. We made this application because we didn’t like sloppy slow network guides with a price for information! So you can follow us on twitter like us on Facebook, visit our website at: for all help and forums support and most of all Augmented Gaming!

Recent changes:
All information from this version release is in the app > About section. You can find it by scrolling down to the last icon that looks like an enderdragon face. The changelog for this version is located there.

Content rating: Everyone

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