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GPS Tracker Pro


GPS Tracker Pro

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Updated September 25, 2013
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GPS Tracker keeps your family safe. Using GPS technology, the GPS Tracker app tracks the exact location of your family members and alerts you when they are in trouble, using the app’s innovative check in feature. GPS Tracker also lets you see sex offenders in your area.

A bit more about GPS Tracker and how it generally works:
Family GPS Tracker
-Use Android or iPhone as a GPS tracker
-Complete privacy controls

My kids are always running all over the place, it can be hard
keeping up. With Family GPS Tracker, I get the peace of mind of
knowing that my children are safe.”
– Debbie S. Customer

Use your iPhone or Android device as a GPS tracker
If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can use it as a personal tracking device. Install our application on the phones that you want to track, have the app running on them, and the family members (and their phones) will show up on our real-time map.

Track your family using GPS
The app allows family members to locate each other on our mobile map. Parents today are busier than ever so you can use our mobile app to track your child whether you’re at home, work, or on the road.

Sure, tracking your kids with a GPS system in their backpack is great, but what happens if they lose their backpack?

Unfortunately short of inventing a way to make bad guys disappear from the world all together or a crystal ball that can tell you ahead of time when or where your child might be in danger, no system will ever be fool proof. Just because your emergency kit could be burned up in a fire before you get the chance grab it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one packed and ready to go, right? And keep in mind, a GPS tracking system should not replace teaching your child about stranger danger or letting them walk alone in unsafe areas.

What if your child doesn’t like it?

Well first of all, kids in grade school aren’t even going to know it’s there unless you tell them. And in my humble opinion at that age they shouldn’t really have a say in you making sure they get to where they’re supposed to be safely.

Now once those little ones go into junior high it’s a different ball game. Something to remember is that when using the iPhone app your child doesn’t necessarily have to be “tracked.” If you want to find a happy compromise with your tween and have them check in when they leave and check in when they get there, then do that. Which isn’t really any different than what our parents expected of us. Only with the check-in service your child can do it on the sly without their friends ever knowing they’re checking in.

Once your tween becomes a teen and is in high school, these kinds of services can be extremely helpful but how you use them is going to be up to you. Talk to your teen, know their friends, and decide from there how you can best use the services in a way that makes you feel secure but allows your teen to feel trusted. Every situation is different, so make your decision accordingly.

What customers say:
“Great app seems good for families”

“Excellent app.”

“This app is great I didnt know there were that many child molesters in ms and living that close to me”

“I could watch myself as I walked down the street. Very good app w/sex offender’s listed nearby.”

Content rating: Low Maturity

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