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Retro Floral Clock Widget FREE


Retro Floral Clock Widget FREE

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UpdatedSeptember 25, 2013
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Retro floral clock widget, screenshot backgrounds using the application as: Cartoon background live wallpaper, if necessary, with the use, please enter the link to download: symapp.cartooncackground
Main features:
1,4 X2 (large size) for a variety of resolutions phones, tablet devices;
2, through the color picker on the clock from the text, figures color modification;
3, you can switch to a different clock face background (three kinds);
4, the clock on the butterfly animation;
5, can be set to 12, 24-hour clock;
6, the clock dial text in English and switching;
How to add “Widgets”?
Method 1: normally, unlock the phone, in blank screen long press 2-3 seconds, it will pop up an selection window,select the “Widgets”, and then choose the list you want to add.Remember,empty out some place to put of them.
Method 2: Some mobile phone “Widgets” list is in the function table, such as :Galaxy S3 .The “Widgets” list is in the function table. as the same in the list you choose what you like .
tags: retro, shading, patterns, butterflies, clocks, widgets
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