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Updated September 25, 2013
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This application is Beta and free until its first version release. Please use entirely at your own risk. Factual feedback by email highly appreciated. Comments posted here cannot be replied.

SkyCruiser is software running under the Android operating system, developed for the purpose of controlling Celestron Nexstar and compatible telescopes wirelessly employing Bluetooth® and GPS.
After mount alignment which requires the hand control, SkyCruiser basically replaces the hand control of the telescope mount with wireless control.
The software requires familiarity with the use of the connected telescope mount, its hand control, Android smart phone and basic astronomy.

Please be sure to read the manual before you fumble in the dark:
(also bundled in the application package).

Essential Features
* Writes GPS coordinates and time to the hand control
* Writes saved coordinates and system time to the HC
* Directional slew in 9 speed rates, parking modes
* Azimuthal and equatorial tracking modes
* Star chart down to magnitude 6.4 with GoTo
* Manual input of equatorial coordinates with GoTo
* Object database with GoTo buttons:
– 88 Constellations
– 3833 Stars with designations (SAO, HIP, HD catalogs)
– 224 Binary stars, 261 Variable Stars
– 388 Stars with known planets
– 110 Messier objects,
– 103 Caldwell objects
– 580 NGC/IC objects
– Planets and the Moon
– Dwarf planets, large asteroids,
– Over 200 observable comets
* User objects database with separate module for daytime editing
* Object identification in scope pointing direction, currently best positioned objects
* Display showing RA/Dec, system time, sidereal time and hour angle of scope position
* Polar alignment assistant with compass (shows Polaris’ hour angle and clock position)
* Dew point simulator/estimator
* Screen night mode with adjustable brightness (as far as the phone allows)
* “No-Scope”-mode for use without a mount
* PDF users’ manual
* microSD card installation

System Requirements (user supplied)
* Smartphone running Android 2.2 or higher with 1GHz CPU, Bluetooth, GPS, Orientation sensors.
* Bluetooth serial adapter hardware
* Telescope mount with hand control, either…
– Celestron NexStar Hand Control running firmware version 4.13 and higher, or
– Celestron NexStar GT hand control running firmware version 4.03 and higher or
– SkyWatcher SynScan hand control running firmware version 3.28 and higher.

Keywords: astronomy, telescope, bluetooth, nexstar, star chart, dew point, goto

Recent changes:
2012/07/22: Command related buttons and displays disabled in “No scope” mode, can install in external memory
2012/07/21: Filtered out functions not available with SynScan, Sync on position function removed
2012/07/18: Computes magnetic declination for the compass, tracking stop after GoTo fixed, minor fixes
2012/07/12: GoTo accuracy error fixed for SynScan
2012/07/11: Layout adjustments, slew brake added to the star chart.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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