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Blik Calendar Widget


Blik Calendar Widget

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PublisherJoeProgrammer, Inc
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UpdatedSeptember 24, 2013
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CategoryPersonalization & Tools


Why use a boring calendar widget that only has words when a picture can tell the story better?

Blik reads your calendar and *automatically* shows the best picture for each event. The picture is shown, along with the start time and an important word from the event so that you can see what’s coming up on your calendar.

You end up with a quick visual guide to your upcoming events. Your calendar has never been easier to “read”.

The free/trial version of Blik comes with 350+ pictures and 700+ keywords rules.

The Pro version unlocks another 300+ keyword rules so that your calendar events are matched up to pictures even better.

You can create your own keyword rules for single calendar events in the free/trial version and in the Pro version you can create your own keyword rules that apply to all your calendar events.

Check out the Blik Settings screen under the Help section for helpful Tips (like how to subscribe to a holiday calendar).

* English only for now.

Keywords: calendar, agenda, birthday, holiday, widget

Known issue(s):
> Columnn layout isn’t drawing text below the picture (besides the time).
> On Cyanogenmod ROM, the homescreen manager doesn’t appear to return the correct dimensions, so Blik is drawing with large margins.
> On screen rotate, sometimes Nova Launcher will not return the correct widget size, so rendering is incorrect. To fix, resize Blik widget.
> Widget appearance preview in Settings for month layout doesn’t draw correctly (it does draw the widget correctly on your homescreen though). — fixed in Jelly Bean and above
> Facebook events may be displayed with incorrect starting times. Use Blik Advanced Setting value to manually adjust the display for all Facebook start times.
> Facebook declined events will still show up.
> Larger widget sizes can result in out-of-memory crashes.

—=== When DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME changes ===—
If your phone is showing events off by an hour, you may need to power it down and reboot so that your phone picks up the time change from your cell provider.

— Important Note —
If you are having problems with your calendar events not syncing, go to for information and instructions on how to correct the problem.

Recent changes:
> 2 pictures updated
> keywords added for existing pictures
> Feedback emails now contain widget layouts used and more calendar info for debugging
> bugfix: Column layout shows event text

> 10 pictures added, 19 updated
> bugfix: Selecting text when creating a new rule or when setting display text for an event now works for all device screen densities.
> Cleaned/optimized select text UI.

full change list:

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