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Secure Settings


Secure Settings

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Version 1.3.3
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Updated September 24, 2013
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Category Personalization & Tools


Secure Settings is a Locale/Tasker compatible plug-in for Android 2.2+.
Create Launcher shortcuts to any available Action option!
Secure Settings has tons of features for super users or those who just want more out of their devices.
• Failed Login Attempts
• Google Now Shortcut [4.1+, Pro]
• Outgoing Call
• Secret Code
• Airplane Mode [Helper required 4.2+]
• Airplane Mode Radios [Helper required 4.2+]
• BT Connection [4.0+]
• Toggle BT Tethering [4.0+, Pro]
• Execute Shortcuts
• Adjust the Font Size [4.0+]
• Enable/Disable the Keyguard [2.3 and below]
• Launch any Activity (Root required for some activities)
• Change the default system language [4.0+]
• Enable/Disable Mobile Data [2.3+]
• Run any GNU Linux command
  º Capture output info
  º Use root to execute privileged commands [Root required]
  º Output return values to user-defined Tasker variables [Tasker required]
• Show Touches [4.0+]
• SIP Options [2.3+]
  º Toggle Receive Calls
  º Change Call Option
• Keep device awake while charging [Helper required 4.2+]
• Wake Device
• Change the Wifi sleep policy [Helper required 4.2+]
• Wifi Hotspot [4.0+]
Dev Admin Actions:
• Enable/Disable the Camera [4.0+]
• Lock the device
• Toggle Lock Screen Widgets [4.2+]
• Set/Reset the device Password or Pin
~Root functionality~
If you are rooted the following is available:
• Set Background Process Limit [4.0+, Pro]
• Toggle Background Data [Pro]
• Force GPU Rendering [4.0+]
• Toggle Hardware Overlays [4.1+, Pro]
• Toggle Package Notifications [4.1+]
• Manage Package Data [Pro]
• Enable/Disable user or system apps
• Toggle Power Button Lock [4.1+, Pro]
• Answer,End and Silence calls [Pro]
• Reboot Options (uses built-in functions) [Pro]
• Toggle USB Tethering [4.0+, Pro]
• Connect/Disconnect VPN Profiles [4.0+, Experimental!]
• Toggle Wireless ADB
~Helper functionality~
If you are rooted, you can install the Secure Settings Helper.
With this installed, you gain access to the following functions:
• Toggle Accessibility Services
• Set Active Day Dream
• Toggle Day Dream State
• Toggle Data Roaming
• Toggle GPS
• Set Lock Screen Timeout [4.0+, Pro]
• Update Lock Screen Owner Info [3.0+]
• Change Input Methods without the prompt
• Toggle NFC [NFC Adapter]
• Toggle Pattern Lock
• Toggle Location Services
• Toggle Unknown Sources
• Toggle USB Debugging (ADB)
• Toggle Wifi Optimization [4.2+]
• Toggle Wifi Scanning [4.3+]
~Custom ROM functionality~
• Toggle ADB Over Network [CM9+ only]
• Toggle Expanded Desktop [CM10/PA only]
• Toggle Fast Charge [Custom Kernel with Fast Charge Required]
• Toggle Kill App Back Button
• Toggle LTE [CM9+/AOKP]
• Toggle Samsung Modes [Samsung ROM]
Any issues or questions? Check out the XDA thread:
Explanation of Permissions:
• Device Administrator Access – Required to lock the device or set/reset the password
• Superuser Access – Required to execute privileged commands
• Storage Access – Required to write to the SD Card
• Full Network Access – Required to download/check for updates for the Helper application
• System Tools – Required for the Keyguard and Wake Lock functionality
• Write Secure Settings – Required for performing Helper functions
• Change Configuration – Required to change Locale
• Change Network State – Required to toggle Mobile Data
• Change Wifi State – Required to toggle Wifi Adapter for Wireless ADB
• Wifi Access – Required for the Wireless ADB function
• NFC – Required to toggle the NFC Adapter
• Bluetooth/BT Admin – Required to Connect to BT Devices
• Boot Complete – Required to install Helper on boot if missing
• Process Outgoing Calls – Required to use outgoing calls as conditions

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