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UpdatedSeptember 23, 2013
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Sky Live Wallpaper will allow you to make the mysterious and alluring clear sky your personal paradise if you hurry up and download this amazing free live application. The gates of Heaven are opening just for you, immerse yourself in the fluffy clouds and rejoice in the sunny weather even when it is raining outside. Sail with the clouds “in the sky” – give your phone of tablet screen a serene look with a touch of mystery. Did you know that staring at blue color is not only soothing, but also can calm your nerves? What better way to test this theory than with new enchanting Sky Backgrounds?
– Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!
– Interactive feature: Tap on the screen and new images will appear immediately!
– There is full support for landscape mode and home – screen switching!
– This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!
Installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
You can be in high spirits at all times – just glace at the idyllic background wallpaper and the white clouds that are calmly sailing across the great blue. “Sky Wallpaper” allows you to fly like a bird and sail into the endless hue of “blue sky”. Just spread your wings and conquer the greatest heights with the help of your mobile or tablet – Sky Live Wallpaper is completely free. Feel the touch of feathery clouds and the cool breeze on your skin with this high definition wallpaper, while you feast your eyes on each and every “Sky Background” – the view is heavenly. The beautiful and vast dome over the Earth, the background of the clouds, sun, moon, and stars can be yours for free – majestic Sky Wallpaper will shine in all of its magnitude.
Did you ever wonder why the sky is blue? The blue color of the clear daytime sky results from the selective scattering of light rays by the minute particles of dust and vapor in the earth's atmosphere. The rays with longer wavelengths (the reds and yellows) pass through most readily, whereas the shorter rays (the blues) are scattered. An excess of dust, especially in large particles, causes scattering of many rays besides the blue, and the sky fades and becomes whitish or hazy. This ingenious and almost surreal “live wallpaper” will amaze all your friends – just show them all azure Sky Backgrounds and imagine how incredible such high resolution “background wallpaper” would look, especially on “Samsung Galaxy” devices.
A new free heavenly app for Android™ is perfect for you and your smartphone, download it and be prepared to be amazed and surprised by what it offers – see the beautiful balloons popping out and decorating the great blue from up close. If you liked, “Blue Skies Free Live Wallpaper”, “Happy Sky Live Wallpaper “,”Weather Sky Live Wallpaper” and the romantic “Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper”, you have found your new favorite animated wallpaper – “Sky Live Wallpaper”. With this sophisticated and fresh new app you will sail into the world of serenity and peace and experience bliss. See for yourself why Sky LWP is the best on the market and don’t waste time, the mysterious and unexplored vast sky awaits.

This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note II, HTC One X, Google Nexus 4, Sony Xperia Z. Please contact us if your device is not supported.
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The app is free and ad supported. When you install it, you may get shortcut icons on your phone background, which are just shortcuts to free, sponsored apps. If you want, you can remove them anytime without affecting the app in any way.
You may also get certain notifications in your system tray about new free apps. But if you don't want to receive them, you can choose to opt out at
*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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