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Ear age check up:Hearing test


Ear age check up:Hearing test

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Updated September 23, 2013
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Check your ear’s age with high frequencies! Are your ears still young?
With this free app, you can easily measure your ear’s age simply by listening to different frequency sounds to perform an “Ear age check up”.
It is said that as you continue to get older, it becomes more difficult to hear high pitched sounds.
Simply measure your ear’s age by using this “Ear age check up”.
You can measure your ear’s age by playing different frequency sounds, and simply answering whether or not your could hear it.
After testing, the sounds you could not hear will be displayed.

Your results, gender, age, and each sound frequency will be totaled.
The results of other users who interest you can be seen.
Additionally, the results can be posted on social media sites (Mixi, Twitter, Facebook).
Share your ear’s age with everyone♪
The app allows you to check your ear’s age by playing a high frequency sound and measuring your audible range.
Biological statistics show that the young can hear a wide audible range, but as you enter your middle and upper ages, that range narrows.
By checking your audio frequency with a high pitched sound, like that of a mosquito, it is possible to easily determine your ear’s age.
(Main Features)
*Measuring your ear’s age by playing different frequency sounds
*Total your measurement results and turn everyone’s ear age into data
*Share your ear age results on social media
*Please avoid using for an extended period of time
*Please avoid using at high volumes
*When using earphones or headphones, please start with a low volume
*If you experience a headache or other negative effects, stop using immediately
*This app does not guarantee its measurement results
[Ear age check up:Hearing test] is Age diagnostic application of ear. Depending where you can hear the frequency of the mosquito sound, you can do the medical examination of the ear. In ultrasound mosquitoes, let's medical diagnosis of the health of the physically.
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