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Weight Loss Exercises

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Easy Weight Loss Home Exercises:
In today’s time being healthy, fit and trim is of the topmost concern to us. But sometimes even though we are willing to exercise, money or time constraint becomes a hindrance in our way.
Gymming is a very good option to lose weight and to tone up the body. But it requires a nice amount of money and also you tend to waste time commuting to and fro from the gym, let alone the time wasted while waiting for your turn to use the equipment. Also some people find it very monotonous to go to a gym everyday.
So here are some inexpensive and innovative ways to get back in shape that wont burn a hole in your pocket but would surely burn away all the fat you have stored while eating all those McChickens and Cheesebursts…
The first and foremost thing before doing any kind of exercise is to warm up a lil. Start with stretching exercises. Now for cardio we can either walk, run or skip..
The best calorie-burning equipment you have is your own body, so why not use it.?? Jogging is one of the most calorie-expending activities you can choose, and it’s free. Even better: alternate brief spurts of running with longer walking intervals. It has already been proved by a research that, not only is interval training superior for weight loss, but it improves endurance levels as compared to the traditional runs. If due to some reason you can’t go out. You can use a treadmill at your place (if you already have it), use it for 20 mins. Since we are on a budget friendly exercise routine we will jog on the spot for 15- 20 mins, gradually increasing the time as we go. Another very cheap alternate to the expensive equipments, is a skipping rope.

A skipping rope costs approximately 100-150 bucks and is easily available at any health equipment store. Start by about a 400 skips and increase them gradually to a 1000 skips. While skipping what you can do is, skip the first 150 skips at normal pace and then try to max your pace for the next 50 skips then do the same for the rest 200 as well. If your house has two floors, walk up and down the stairs once slowly and once as fast as you can. Repeat. Then get down onto the carpet and lie flat.
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