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UpdatedSeptember 21, 2013
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— Xperia U with ROOT access only —

for ICS problems and ROOT-guide-video, check the facebook page

Doesn’t work proper on Cyanogenmod due to missing components in this ROM.

LEDs U CTRL (LUC) and LUC.radar are the ultimate tools to get full control over your LED illumination bar of Sony Xperia U.

From now on you’ll be able to identify which alert you’ve missed without turning on your screen!

LEDs U CTRL and LUC.radar (paid app) are needed to be able to use LUC as notification tool.
If the app wasn’t split into 2 parts it would use more then double the memory while only monitoring (and memory is limited on the Xperia U)
Besides this the LUC.radar app is 100% crash free.

When you are in silent mode (just put it face down) you will still know exactly what you’ve missed without being disturbed by annoying sounds or your phone vibrating of the table.

Felt your phone vibrate in your pocket and didn’t hear it?
Just take it out, look at your LED bar and you know instantly what you’ve missed!

LEDs U CTRL enables you to configurate each individual LED light in 16 colors.
LEDs U CTRL combined with LUC.radar lets you use the illumination bar to show notifications for 20 different app alerts in all desired colors.

Don’t want to be bothered by flashing lights while you get spam at night?
No worries, LUC comes with a fully configurable DailyDarkness system.
You set the time your phone will be Dark and Light up again.

If you want you can even set a specific alarm to enable LUC again. For those who like to wake up slowly, it can also make your alarm volume fade in over time!

The features you control over the LED illumination bar notifications are:
– speed (multiplier from 1 to 50)
– time the LED is at full power (in 1/10th of a second)
– time between blinks (in 1/10th of a second)
– amount of loops in 1 cycle ( from 1 to 999)
– time between cycles (in 1/10th of a second)
– global time-out for all LUC notifications (in minutes)
– daily on/off time for all LUC notifications (per 15 minutes)
– CPU speeds used during the LED alerts (using the buildin governors)

Supported apps:
– missed calls
– sms/mms
– calendar
– google play (app updates)
– gmail
– Email
– K9 mail
– Maildroid
– Skype
– What’s App
– Google + Plus
– Facebook messenger
– Facebook
– FriendCaster
– Linkedin
– Twitter
– TweetCaster
– Viber
– IM+
– NimBuzz
– Trillian

Additional features:
– Empty battery alert (25%)
– Full battery alert
– Theme LED bar color configuration (change default led color)
– Turn off LED bar (LUC still works)

Special features:
– Click a rainbow (show off a rainbow)
– Ride as Knight (look like K.I.T.T.)
– Flash a Siren (siren-ish flashing)

– LEDs-Ring-A-Rainbow (shows rainbow when phone rings)
– Shake a rainbow
– up side down flashlight
– face down silence

In time:
– Charging progress bar visualization

LEDs U CTRL let’s you control your LEDs!

*Keep in mind that you have enough free RAM (around 50mb) to run the configuration app smoothly, this is due to the 100+ images that visualize your app settings. Otherwise it might Crash (will be optimized in the future)
This does not apply for LUC.radar

Recent changes:
changelog v1.40.2.1
-fixed bug when overriding DailyDarkness (version sync error)

change log v1.40
– added Viber / IM+ / NimBuzz / Trillian support
– – up-side-down-flash-light stays on while screen is off (turn on screen to turn of flashlight)
– added a few tweaks and optimized things a bit.
– increased trail to 15 reboots!

Last update for 2012!
In 2013 LUC 2.0 will come.

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