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Silhouette Town Lite

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UpdatedSeptember 21, 2013
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This live wallpaper was expressed in the silhouette of
the cityscape of relaxed atmosphere.

In the production of quiet atmosphere,
you can enjoy all year long without getting tired.

[Basic Operation]
Time of the city, this is linked with the terminal of your time.
Sunrise and sunset time zone has to change between January to December real.

・Weather *full version
The city’s weather varies, depending on time and seasonal.
Normally even if it is raining, you may decide that the snow in the winter.

・Event Calendar *full version
The city is sensitive to the event.
Views of the city and also changes the seasons change.
The lush cherry trees near the school
[July and August:FireWorks]
Fireworks at night will increase the
[September to November:Maple]
To bright orange trees near the school
To Western-style schools, the surrounding trees and deadwood,
Rumor also what appear to be ghosts and witches.
At night, illumination is decorated with trees and big tree
in the city outskirts near the school.
Santa Claus in the sky also fly.

ON / OFF display, such as an airplane flying in the sky can be set freely. *full version
The time of day and weather can be freely set from the configuration. *full version
Various events can be set freely, but not limited to the season. *full version
Fully compatible with high-resolution terminal!
Corresponding to the side screen!

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