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Flame 3D Live Wallpaper


Flame 3D Live Wallpaper

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UpdatedSeptember 20, 2013
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Let the fire burn in your phone screen! Beautify it with the burning flames sparkling any time you use your phone! Download this “free 3D Live Wallpaper” and you’ll have your new and original background colored in the hot glow of orange! Let is sparkle any time you touch it!
– Amazing 3D live wallpaper for Android!
– Interactive feature: Tap anywhere on the screen and new sparkles will appear immediately!
– There is full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!
– This beautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!
Installation instructions:
Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
In case you didn’t know, fire is the result of a chemical reaction, called combustion. At a certain point in the combustion reaction, called the ignition point, flames are produced. In order for combustion to occur, three things must be present: fuel, oxygen and energy (usually in the form of heat).
From ancient to present, there is no denying that fire and flames symbolize certain things and their meanings heat up our hearts, move our bodies, quicken our minds, and lift our spirits. They are universally associated with the Sun and stand for illumination, often in the sense of wisdom, knowledge and truth.
Moreover, they are said to signify zeal, as one may be consumed by both things. They are also symbols of passion, spiritual energy, rebirth. It is universally believed that they also represent love, warmth, and heat. Fire has often been used as a torture and therefore may signify one who has undergone severe trials, however the symbolism behind flames on a coat of arms is often specific or without a particular symbolic meaning. For example, the phoenix and the salamander are always accompanied by glow, and the flaming sword is a device as well. Red, orange and yellow are the colors of the element while the symbolic animal is the phoenix.
Ads information:
The app is free and ad supported. When you install it, you may get shortcut icons on your phone background which are just shortcuts to free, sponsored apps. If you want, you can remove them anytime without affecting the app in any way.
You may also get certain notifications in your system tray about new free apps. But if you don’t want to receive them, you can chose to opt out at and or you can do it directly from the app where it is available.

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