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Purple Diamonds Live Wallpaper


Purple Diamonds Live Wallpaper

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UpdatedSeptember 20, 2013
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An ideal live wallpaper for girls who adore jewels and diamonds! A girl’s best friend in the rare purple hue only for you! Every time you take a look at your screen you will admire all over again! These precious and lovely colored diamonds will beautify your screen and make it unique just in the way the jewels are! Download Purple Diamonds Live Wallpaper for girls and beautify your screen in a modern and fancy manner!

Perfect live wallpaper for Android!
Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the screen and new purple diamonds will appear!
Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!

You like wearing “diamond rings”? Gemstones and jewels are your favorite accessories? If yes, this free LWP is a perfect choice for you! Let your phone screen shine bright like a diamond with these glittering pink backgrounds and gems in different shapes and designs! Add Pink Diamond Live Wallpaper and you’ll have the most beautiful sparkle decoration for your phone! Light up your phone and keep in mind that this fancy jewelry will never betray you-it is forever!

Often confused with a secondary color violet, purple is a dominant and rare hue in nature and color diamonds. As purple color is correlated to internal grain formation, the cut is exceedingly important to color release. The presence of hydrogen will impart a purplish shade ranging from light violet tone to a beautiful purplish hue. This glitter live wallpaper for girls, inspired by sparkling pink backgrounds will definitely give your phone a glamorous stylish look.

It is said that these gemstones are romantic. Especially when a man is proposing to a woman with a ring worth two months of his salary. It means sacrifice for love on his part. The fact that he loves her enough to save that sum to buy that diamond for her is a very romantic gesture that she will remember for years to come, each time she sees that ring on her finger. Black diamonds will definitely leave a remarkable impression. Jewelry may be made from a wide range of materials, but gemstones, precious metals, beads and shells have been widely used.

From the days when men would go out and hunt for animals to feed the family, to today, when most men go out there to bring in the money to support the family, women love being cared for. Being provided for. In many cultures, women look to marry a rich man. A man who can provide for them. If a guy can afford to give her jewelry, he can easily provide for her daily needs and for that of her children.

Furthermore, gemstones are a girl’s insurance. Ok, so now, there are insurance policies in paper, that promise to pay for her old age medical bills etc, but these are a lot more beautiful. She holds and sees them. She wears them. Everyone admires them. They assure her that even when she gets old, when she loses her looks, even if her guy leaves her for a younger woman, they would still be with her. A collection of precious jewelry assures her that in her old age, or she is in dire need for cash, a piece of jewelry could be sold, or pawned for much needed cash.
Diamonds are rare, natural stones. The ones that girls love are of the highest quality. The lower grade ones may be used in tools, but women look at the quality of the “precious stones”. A large, high quality pink jewel would definitely impress.

Get this amazing and shiny Purple Diamond Live Wallpaper for girls inspired by their favorite accessories – colored jewelry and precious gemstones! Give your phone screen a unique look that everyone will envy for!

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