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UpdatedSeptember 20, 2013
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The new Pink Love Live Wallpaper is a beautiful flowing display of hearts, peace signs, magical love mist, dancing star bursts, and so much more. The animations in this wallpaper are designed to be relaxing and pleasant to the eyes. Some of the animation movement sequences are long. You don’t see the same animation movements over and over like you do in a lot of other live wallpaper. With this wallpaper you can watch the hearts dart across the screen for hours and never see them using the exact same dance moves or burst motions.


* 5 new presets. This is in addition to the original default preset now called Classic, giving you a total of 6 presets. The FULL version also includes a custom mode.
* 4 new semi-transparent foregrounds which work like stained glass windows covering the wallpaper. (Only 2 available in the FREE version as presets).
* New Floating Hearts with Star Bursts. The Star Burts drift slowly outward from the Floating Hearts as they drift by.
* 3 new touch effects.
* 3 new backgrounds. This is in addition to the original Classic background, giving you a total of 4 backgrounds.
* 10 new Floating Objects. These objects slowly drift by the screen. Each object has its own movements independent of all other objects.
* New Automatic Resource Cleanup feature added. Now when the wallpaper is not visible (i.e., another app is running, or you turn off your Android), the wallpaper automatically frees up all unused objects (but not bitmaps that are in use), and halts all processing until it’s visible again.
* New Force Memory Cleanup option. When enabled, all of the bitmaps used to draw the wallpaper are freed as soon as the wallpaper is no longer visible, giving your other apps much more memory. If disabled, the wallpaper reloads faster and smoother, but uses more memory when not displayed.
* The wallpaper backgrounds and floating objects now react to home screen scrolling.
* New semi-transparent options menu screen allows you to see the live wallpaper running while you make changes to the options. The options screen in the FULL version allows you to enable or disable every animated element available.

* 5 new graphics quality options. Options include two 32-bit modes, and three 16-bit modes. Because not all Android’s have the exact same rendering abilities, these settings were added to allow you to fine tune your wallpaper to better match your Android’s graphics hardware capabilities.
* New Floating Text. This allows you to put any message you like on the wallpaper. Your message floats by slowly with each letter on its own separate Float Heart.
* New optional shake effects: Star Bursts, Heart Bursts. When enabled, every time you shake your Android the screen if filled with hearts and stars. NOTE: this feature only works on Android devices that have a G sensor.
* Custom mode with far more settings than before.

NOTE: the linked YouTube video sample is old (from version 1.0) and very poor quality. I will update the video with a better quality one shortly.

The FREE version is limited to the following menu options.
* Dark Love preset mode
* Classic preset mode
* Pink Love preset mode
* Violet Dream preset mode
* Neon Love preset mode
* Valentine preset mode
* Force Memory Cleanup

The FULL version also supports the following menu options:
* Custom preset
* Show/hide 11 Float Objects individually
* Show one of 3 backgrounds
* Show one of 4 foregrounds
* Show Center Heart
* Show Heart Window
* Enable Star Burst shake effect
* Enable Heart Burst shake effect
* Enable one of 5 touch heart styles
* Enable touch Star Bursts
* Set Floating Text
* Enable Fading
* Select one of 5 Render Quality modes

If you like this wallpaper, check out the matching Pink Love Keyboard Skin and Pink Love GO Launcher Ex theme.

Recent changes:
* 5 new presets: Dark Love, Pink Love, Violet Dream, Neon Love, Valentine.
* 4 new foregrounds: Pink Blend, Violet Dream, Pink dream.
* New Floating Hearts with Star Bursts
* 3 touch effects: Rotating Hearts, Wave Hearts, Star Bursts
* Floating hearts with text messages
* Shake effects: Star Bursts, Heart Bursts
* 3 new backgrounds: Violet Mist, Classic Dark, None
* 10 new objects: Twinkle Stars, 2 Peace Signs, 7 hearts.
* Memory Cleanup option.

Content rating: Everyone

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