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ThyrusHolo Basic CM10 Theme


ThyrusHolo Basic CM10 Theme

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Version 6.3
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Updated September 20, 2013
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This theme enhances the already well designed JellyBean interface for JB-based ROMs that utilize the CM10 theme engine. I have also utilised some graphics for the ParanoidAndroid mod that adds Tablet-style GUI to the Galaxy Nexus.
Themes on Play Store:
No apps themed – User Interface only
This theme- themes UI and MMS/People
Black theme – the full theme including Swype Keyboard/MMS/People/Google Play Store/Google Now/Google Music/ Google Keep
– Semi-transparent Notification background
– Added standard JellyBean statusbar icons (for those that use a themed ROM but do not like the customizations)
– No dividers in settings and other sub- and pop-up menus
– Black pop-up and settings menus
– Black background for dialer and contact/people app
Apply theme, then reboot. Reboot is also required after a theme update is installed.
Getting”improperly compiled” error?. Set to system theme, reboot, then apply.
Missing assets/screen size? Apply anyway
Previous Changelog:
V5.4 Fixed indicator color to display which defaults are set for phone numbers/email addresses in contacts. Thanks to Daniel Millard for reporting this issue which went unnoticed since my theme exists.
V5.3 Removed all Google Keyboard theming. (AOSP and Play Store Version). Flash a black version apk for these keyboards from other sites.
V5.2 Changes to keyboard themeing for Google Keyboard (AOSP and Play Store Version)
V5.1 Incorporated fixes from my Black theme. Now only themes framework/mms/phone/keyboard.
V5.0 Major update, overhauled based on my Black Theme, however without Google Play Store and Google Play Music themed.
V4.2 Updated buttons (JB-based) rather than slanted buttons
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