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UpdatedSeptember 19, 2013
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Kerobics Brain Gym contains brain games and puzzles that challenge your brain while you are having fun. Studies show that challenging puzzles and games enhance brain function no matter what age group you belong to. These games can be addictive, but hey, isn’t that a good addiction to have?! If you like doing puzzles and challenging your brain, you ought to give this a try. We are sure you will be glad you did.

Your brain has the amazing ability to grow new brain cells (neurons) and to form new and stronger connections between them when stimulated with targeted mental activity. This ability of brain to “grow” is retained throughout one’s life. Whether you are a student or in your mid-career or a homemaker or retired, you stand to gain from a more agile brain. Your brain needs a workout just like your body does.

Kerobics games target the key functional areas of your brain: Executive Functions, Problem Solving, Logical Reasoning, Focus, Concentration, Attention, Memory and Numerical Abilities.

We will add more games if we see that more people are benefiting from our effort.

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