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Shine Antivirus for Android


Shine Antivirus for Android

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UpdatedSeptember 17, 2013
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At Shine we believe that mobile protection is a basic digital right. That’s why we created a new kind of antivirus where unprecedented protection meets graceful design.
Shine is an antivirus designed to meet and keep up with today’s threats and devices. Forget about alarms, red flags, quarantined files or fireworks. With Shine, blocking viruses is as gentle as a dandelion blowing in the wind.
Easily add and manage Shine’s antivirus on multiple devices. You can even share the love by installing and managing Shine on your family members’ devices, right from your own.
Here’s how Shine works:
Let's say you wake up this morning with the flu. Well, you didn't actually get sick today, you just realised you're sick today.
Were sensors placed across your physiology three days ago, we would have noticed that your temperature started rising by 0.1%, that you're body started producing white blood cells at a higher rate, and that your muscles began to slowly, almost un-noticeably, ache.
Very minute changes, but ones that could be foretelling, of an impending flu.
And that's exactly how Shine instruments mobile devices.
Shine picks-up on every minute change, and the then in real-time, runs an ensemble of Machine Learning, Deterministic and Predictive algorithms to analyse, forecast, and block threats, before they actually inflict damage.
We also put a lot of emphasis on UX to veil all the sophistication under the hood. Blocking malicious activity with Shine really is as gentle as blowing a dandelion in the wind.

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