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UpdatedSeptember 17, 2013
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Max Unit Converter is one of the most comprehensive converters on the market and yet it is so simple to use.
It design by a professional designer with the goal of making it pleasant to look at and very easy to use.

The Unit Converter has all the common types (metric, imperial US/UK) plus a very large number of rare types. If you need a type, that is not present, please let us know and we will try to add it, with the next update.

The Currency Converter show up to 5 different currencies at the same time and you can convert from any of them. You get 170+ currencies to choose from. The Currency Converter uses the instant exchange rates and therefore needs internet connection to update instantly.

The Timezone Converter can calculate the time and date, that you set. It show 3 times zones at the same time and you can convert from any of them.

The unit converter gives you:

14 x Angle (e.g. circle, degree, gon…)
40 x Area (e.g.acre, square mile, inch, meter…)
25 x Datastorage (e.g. bit, byte, gigabyte, zip, jaz…)
50 x Energy (e.g. btu, therm, joule, calorie…)
34 x Force (e.g. newton, dyne, force…)
35 x Fuel consumption (kilometer/liter, miles/gallon…)
93 x Lenght (e.g. meter, kilometer, miles, yard, inch, caliber…)
77 x Power (e.g. calorie/hour, pound-foot/minute, volt ampere, erg/second, watt, horsepower…)
53 x Pressure (e.g. pascal, bar, psi, torr…)
7 x temperature (Celcius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine, Newton, Reaumur, Roemer)
31 x Velocity (e.g. meter/second, miles/hour, foot/minute, knot, mach…)
77 x Volume (e.g. cubic meter, cubic foot, dram, taza, barrel…)
67 x Weight and Mass (e.g. proton mass, gerah, poundal, gram, pound…)

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5.00 Complete makeover.

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