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Ringtone & Wallpaper Scheduler


Ringtone & Wallpaper Scheduler

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Updated September 17, 2013
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Ringtone & Wallpaper Scheduler is an automatic Ringtone and wallpaper changer based on events (profiles) that you pre-configure.

You want a Christmassy Ringtone and wallpaper for the Holidays. You create a new event starting on December 15th and ending on December 31th and you tell R&W Scheduler that it must repeat it every year.
You configure it with your custom wallpaper and “Jingle bells” as Ringtone.
Every year on December 15th, R&W Scheduler will set your custom wallpaper and ringtone automatically!!!

Supported features:
– Change your default ringtone
– Change your default notification sound
– Change your wallpaper
– Fixed date (one-day event)
– Fixed period (from … to …)
– Floating dates (like Easter or the first day of ramadan).
– You can repeat the event (yearly, monthly or weekly)
– For fixed dates and floating dates you can start the event X days/moths before and end it X days/months after the date)
– Multiple ringtones and wallpapers for a same event (will be random each time)
– Share your events with your friends!
– See in one look the events that are to come in the calendar
– Enable/Disable an event
– Force an event even if it’s not the right date for it
– Import/Export Events (for backup)
– You can enable or disable the scheduler (if disable, your default settings will be kept)

You can create as many events as you wish. In case of conflict (2 events occur on the same day), the event with higher priority is set.

Supported floating dates:
-Fat Tuesday (Carnival)
-Ash Wednesday
-Palm Sunday
-Easter Sunday
-Easter Monday
-Pentecost Sunday
-Pentecost Monday
-Trinity Sunday
-First day of ramadan (estimate)


Examples and tips:

To repeat a profile every week end:

1) Create a Periodic event
2) Set the start date as the next Saturday and the end date as the next Sunday
3) Set the repetition to weekly
4) choose you custom Ringtone, notifications and wallpapers
You are done! R&W Scheduler will set your custom configuration automatically every weekend!


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