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Traditional Chinese Keyboard


Traditional Chinese Keyboard

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Version 1.3.5
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Updated September 17, 2013
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Linpus Traditional Chinese Input Method (English & Zhuyin & Cangjie &Sucheng & Handwriting)
Linpus keyboard (Input Method) is the most feature rich Traditional Chinese keyboard on the market. As well as support for the widest range of input methods it has a number of unique features – While using ZhuYin to type, English words will also be displayed in the prediction bar at the top of the keyboard meaning you don't have to keep switching between English and Chinese input. In addition, it has next word prediction and address book importing for more accurate and time saving input. It supports English, Chinese ZhuYin, Chinese Cangjie and handwriting input method.
The main feature of Linpus keyboard are:
* More than 100000+ Chinese words plus 70000+ next word predictions.
* Traditional Chinese (Zhuyin) vocabulary error-correction feature;
* Traditional Chinese (Zhuyin) vocabulary fuzzy-input-method;
* Traditional Chinese vocabulary predictive-input-method;
* Traditional Chinese vocabulary memory feature;
* Traditional Chinese (Zhuyin) sentence input feature;
* Chinese and English mixed input;
* Support English sliding input feature;
* Local address book import;
* Handwriting input method;
* Google voice input;
* Emotion symbols;
* Swipe left / right to switch to a split keyboard option for tablet users.

Note: To be used on your Android device(Smart Phone or Tablet), “Linpus zhuyin cangjie” must be enabled in “Settings”->”Language & keyboard settings”.
Search key words:
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v1.3.3 & v1.3.4 update List:
1. Add English sliding feature, default is disabled, need to enabled in setting;
2. Add full screen mode for handwriting input;
3. Adjust the voice button location, quickly enter setting, switch EN/Chinese in candidate view area;
4. Fix layout size would return to Middle issue.
v1.3.2 Update List:
1. Promote intelligent prediction feature;
2. Promote the click button response in Bopomofo keyboard layout;
3. Save keyboard setting when switch IME or update version;
4. Fix NULL Pointer Exception, no hwsctotc library, voice service unbind exception issue.
v1.3.1 Update List:
1. Continue to modify some words cannot identify in handwriting issue;
2. Continue to revise and update the bopomofo zhuyin words dictionary;
3. Fix some exception issue;
4. Adjust the skins, make them more beautiful;
5. Add some color options for handwriting setting.
v1.2.9 Update List:
1. Modify some words cannot identify in handwriting issue;
2. Revise and update the bopomofo zhuyin words dictionary;
3. Fix some NULL pointer exception;
4. Add theme and skins, add pink theme and wood theme;
5. Revise the show method of emoji.

Note: Long press the “Earth” button can quickly switch the keyboard which you need. Long press the “Enter” key can quickly into keyboard setting and switch other IME.

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