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UpdatedSeptember 16, 2013
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Clover Stylus Checker is a benchmark application for the stylus or touch panel.
In particular, This app implements a measurement of performance that affect the usability of the paint application.
– “Delay Guide animation” to be used for measurement of the delay (Delay of stroke display when you move the pen tip of the stylus)
– From the event information acquired the ability to analyze and display the time resolution (coordinate scan rate) of the digitizer
– Display of the basic performance of the stylus and touch panel
(Device type / maximum multi touch / button(hovering) / pressure stage / pressure range / tilt range / orientation range / distance range, etc…)
– Benchmark that specializes in processing that frequent in a paint app using the brush of Clover Paint
– Real-time display of information received from the stylus or touch panel
In addition to those above, the program is optimized with the aim of drawing stroke very low-latency in Clover SC.
(In ideal conditions, Clover SC is reduced to 50ms delay compared with Clover Paint v1.18.7)
And you are able to experience, by enabling the “Predictive Factor” of pen strokes from the Setting further, when the terminal low delay was achieved in the future.
The delay that occurring in Clover SC app is 10 ~ 20ms at most.
(This is the deviation of 1mm ~ 2mm about when you move the stylus to match the delay Guide animation speed)
– Flip view horizontal [Tap three fingers]
– Flip canvas color(white/black) [Swipe↓ three fingers]
– Canvas erases [Swipe→ three fingers]
– Undo [Stylus button 1/Volume↓]
– Redo [Stylus button 2/Volume↑]
– Eraser [Stylus button 1 holding + touch]
– Open main menu [BACK]
– Terminate of the App [BACK tap and hold]
* There is not the setting of the color and thickness of the brush.
* Eraser can be assigned to the volume button.
* The pen pressure range is normalized by the pen pressure range that detected after app startup.
Please break-in before use it, write to the canvas by the pen once for the first time in the pen pressure range to be used.
This app that aims to (limited-feature, simple, high-speed, low-latency) direction of the opposite of the Clover Paint (rich-feature).
It is an experimental application for checking whether how many users appreciate that is worth app.
In Android OS, and the tablet is indifferent to the delay of the display, the delay has become very large compared to the PC or the like.
In conjunction with this, Clover Paint is implemented without regard to delay.
On the other hand, in the paint application user, in a fact, there is the people who attach very importance to low-latency and feeling of the drawing.
However, due to delay of the terminal and in Android OS, at present, limit will come immediately even if aim low-latency by app.
Things that are not measured as an objective number, there is a tendency to not improved very much, it is rather worse.
Therefore, through I create the app like this, you will be able to measure the delay objectively.
If you want a low-latency environment, then to publish on the Web by measuring the delay of the various terminals by using this app, please putting some pressure on the manufacturer of the terminal.
And, if you want a paint application that was focused on low-latency, or if you agree with the spirit of the above, would like to help me, would appreciate to purchase apps therefore there offers a donation version.
Currently, donation version does not change with this benchmark version, but I am planning to can be used as a paint application by adding little by little functionality to the donation version in the future if exist many people who want paint apps low-latency on Android. (if exist many supporters who purchased the donation version Clover SC)
Please see the blog for more information. (Consideration about delay) (Users manual)
(Sorry, it is only Japanese)

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