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Snowflakes Live Wallpaper


Snowflakes Live Wallpaper

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Updated September 16, 2013
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Refresh yourself with ✱'Snowflakes Live Wallpaper'!✱ Make friends with Frosty the snowman! Let a bunch of white snowflakes cover your screen and make a real winter show! These cool backgrounds are a perfect decoration for your phone if you love winter landscapes and this time of the year. Your screen will look like a mini snow globe, with realistic snowflakes falling from the sky! If you are looking for a snow wallpaper, then this is the right app for you! Download it now and decorate your smartphone with these winter backgrounds!
✱✱✱Ⓢⓝⓞⓦⓕⓛⓐⓚⓔⓢ Ⓛⓘⓥⓔ Ⓦⓐⓛⓛⓟⓐⓟⓔⓡ✱✱✱
✔To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers
✔Full support for both portrait and landscape mode!
Download ✱'Snowflakes Live Wallpaper'✱ and enjoy lovely “pictures of snow” on your desktop! Calm snowfall will cool you down and make your phone look beautiful! If you like snowflake pictures, get this free app and you won't regret it! Beautiful snow-covered landscapes are designed especially for you – if you love winter, you will adore these wallpaper backgrounds! These are the best wallpapers if you want to make a real snow show on your screen – get them now and enjoy your own winter wonderland!
“What are snowflakes?” They are really ice crystals that are formed in the clouds by water vapor. When the atmosphere’s temperature dips to below 0 degrees Celsius, moisture changes to ice. Snowflake formation is affected by a variety of factors including air currents, humidity and temperature. Particles of dirt that were trapped in the water vapor affects the weight and durability of the ice crystals. Because of these extenuating factors, no two snowflakes are exactly alike — though there is no scientific reason that prevents it. They may look the same but will not have the same number of water molecules or the exact amount of oxygen and hydrogen.
Snowflakes always have six sides and similar to the human fingerprint. Both the form and shape of a snowflake depends on the temperature and moisture content of the cloud. They can be categorized into six main types, plate (flat), column, stars, dendrite (lacy), needle, and capped column. When it is extremely cold the snow is very fine and powdery and they become quite simple in design, usually needle or rod shaped. When the temperature is near to freezing point, flakes of snow become much larger and a lot more complex in design, for example, a star.
If you want to decorate your phone with photographs of snow, then this app is a perfect solution for you. Choose your favorite winter wallpaper and let little flakes of snow fill your screen with pure whiteness. If you liked snow fall live wallpaper, you will be amazed with ✱'Snowflakes Live Wallpaper!✱ Get this free app for Android™ and have your own winter magic live wallpaper whenever you want to cool down and enjoy your favorite season of the year!
This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note II, HTC One X, Google Nexus 4, Sony Xperia Z. Please contact us if your device is not supported.
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