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UpdatedSeptember 15, 2013
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Application sharing is a almighty application management software for managing not installed apks and installed programs.
Main features:
*Install: It can scan automatically the application file in SD card to install non-market applications, then installation or batch installations can be finished easily.
*Uninstall: It can detect automatically the phone installed programs, then installation or batch installations can be finished easily just with a click.
*Start: you can start the installed program or built-in applications with a click.
*Backup:It support files backup. The backup source can be deleted after the apk files in SD card backuped, then the apk files can be managed at the same place, the default location is / sdcard / apkshare / backup.
*Sharing files: The applications can be sent to your friends through e-mail attachments. and the maximum capacity can be up to 25M by GMAIL, which we suggest in the good netword environment.
*Sharing connections: it convenient to know the application information by a various ways, which also supports batch operations.(New)
*Create shorcuts: supports create a shortcuts entrance of application on the Launcher desktop.
*Details: open the details interface of application management, whiche is conenient for you to clean the cache memory and the movement of the applications.
*Search the Play store: it can be linked directly to the application in the Play store , and convenient for you to get the latest applications.
*pin status bar(new): the applications can be retained on the status bar,
* Copy information to the clipboard (new): the information can be used anywhere after it copied to the clipboard.
* Sort (new): Added sorting function, it can be performed by place, name, size, location. Optimize the user experience, auto-save sort, auto-save before exiting show tabs, etc
* Settings : Add settings , you can set custom backup path and whether appearing System tab

It supports:
* Support all models with system from Android1.5 to Android4.2
* Support various screen resolutions of Android devices
* Supports multiple languages??: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Hindi (new) and French (New)
* Support dual SD card models (new oh!)
We need your support:
*Tell me whether you like it or not by rating and feedback, besides give us the reason.
*Give us support and the suggestion which will make us do better .
*Help us translate the software, so it can support more languages (such as Japanese, Korean , Spanish , Portuguese, French , etc)
*There is a new module of “Translation and Acknowledgements ”, by which you can submit it to us.
Contact Us:
QQ group : 187198707 (please specify the application name )
Mail :
v20130815 ChangeLog:
1 fixes several applications anomalies Ben collapse
2 optimized for small memory model has been optimized to reduce the content of occupancy
3 new application icons showing whether the setting items, the small cell phone run more smoothly content
4 new German, thanks to “Niklas v.M.” support
5 Remove the Inca language, Google Translate too shy: (
If you like this application, please give us praise. Any of your feedback, I will be very happy, thank you for your support!
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