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Notification LockScreen Widget


Notification LockScreen Widget

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Version 0.8
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Updated March 10, 2013
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NotificationsWidget is a widget for Android 4.2 lock screen that shows notifications directly on your lock screen.
Never miss you missed calls again, never forget about emails, see your SMS without unlocking your device and get notified instantly with automatically screen on whenever notification arrives.

This app requires Android 4.2 and above. using it on Android 4.0-4.1 is only possible if you have WidgetLocker app installed (paid app from the Play Store).

Nexus 4 Users – if you encountered battery drain or hearing tick sounds during phone call or music playback, please check “Disable proximity sensor” option on the app General Settings.

Galaxy S3 users – if the device start speaking (“page 1 of 3, etc..”) after enabling the service, you should disable TalkBack service as described here:

IMPORTANT REQUEST – If something doesn’t work for you – contact us and we’ll assist you solving the issue. Don’t just leave bad reviews – I can’t reply on comments – all of the current 1-star rating are people who asked questions that I cannot reply them.


Main Features:
1. Displays all dismissable notifications from any app, including but not limited to Missed calls, SMS, Facebook, Gmail, Whatsapp message, etc
2. Allowing launch the notification associated app directly from lock screen.
3. Show Android 4.2 styled clock or small clock above the notification list. (optional).
4. Turns screen on when notification arrives if the device is not in your pocket (optional).
5. Clear notifications from widget when device is unlocked (optional).
6. Allowing clearing all or individual notifications.
7. Blacklist some apps, so they won’t appear on the widget.
8. Show only last notification from an app. Useful for apps that combines notifications, like WhatsApp, Gmail, etc..
9. Show information from the expanded notification. (optional)

1. Download and install the app from Google Play.
2. Run the app.
3. Touch “Step 1”, this will brings you to accessibility settings.
4. Enable “NotificationsWidget” service. (confirm the android warning – it’s just a standard android message, this app doesn’t collect any of your data)
5. Lock your screen and add NotificationsWidget as Lockscreen widget. (Android 4.2+ only)

Prevent phone for sleeping – is required to allow the app to turn on the screen when notification arrives. the will never prevent your phone from sleeping.
Accessibility event – the “this app can collect all of your information” warning that appears when enabling the service, is a standard android warning for every accessibility settings. this app DOES NOT collect any of your data and it even doesn’t have an internet usage permission.

Known issues:
1. Samsung native email notifications doesn’t appear on NotificationsWidget. this is caused because of non-standard usage of notifications system by Samsung native email app. as a workaround – use Gmail app, we are working for a solution for this.
2. On some cases after enabling the service the web browser starts talking to you. If this happens disable Talkback service as described here:

This app is free and open-source. see project page:

If you encountered a bug or want to suggest new feature, please open an issue here:
We will respond to every issue opened.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact us through email or post on our xda thread:

Recent changes:
Version 0.8:
Expanded notifications – Get text from expanded notification or show it on Large notification style (optional app specific settings)
– improved support for WidgetLocker – Detect when device is unlocked
– Nexus 4 – Proximity sensor is disabled by default. (caused too many issues)
– Delayed auto screen on – When enabled, screen will turn on when device is out of the pocket if there are new notifications.
– Added German translation
– Added an ability to disable click on notification.

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