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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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Did you know that the energy efficiency of a solar panel can vary significantly depending on their position?

There are several factors that affect the performance of a solar panel, and three of them closely influence the position must have:

– Latitude: The farther north, the panels should be in a more upright position, because the sun is lower on the horizon
– Environmental barriers. Trees, buildings, mountains, and even other panels can reduce performance if the board is bad orientada.v
– The period of interest. In many cases (for example, seasonal residences, or panels for hot water) may only want the plate using certain months.

Unfortunately, only the first factor is taken into account by most panel installers, which simply give them a south facing slope equal to the latitude.

Horizon Helioserver Calculator is a free application for Android phones that allows you to correct the position of a panel considering all environmental factors. With Horizon Helioserver Calculator can save 25 euros a year, and prevent the emission of hundreds of kilos of CO2 into the atmosphere. *

* Horizon Helioserver Calculator uses GPS or mobile networks to accurately determine latitude.
* Horizon Helioserver Calculator uses the compass, camera and accelerometer of your phone to accurately calculate the skyline silhouette around your plate
* Calculator Helioserver Horizon offers a form to specify the period of interest for the use of the solar
* Horizon Helioserver Calculator uses the internet connection to connect to a powerful server, using very complex calculations, determine the optimum position of the plate

The technology used in the calculation algorithms is the result of years of research by a team of researchers from the University of Malaga by a research project funded by the Municipal Energy Agency of the City of Malaga. The validity of the calculations has been endorsed internationally Eurocities Awards Innovation Award, and the Intel-HP Itanium Award Innovation Award. The company also won the award Helioserver Spin-Off 2010, University of Málaga

The algorithm takes into account the position of the plate, the weather, the silhouette of the horizon and its influence in the daylight hours, and the period of use, and using numerical methods of integration of equations accurately calculates the optimal position plate.

Energy saving and environmental immeasurable

Studies show, for example, that virtually no plate Malaga city is well oriented. On average, all of them are being wasted 6% of its energy, representing a loss of 25 per year, and an environmental charge of 100Kg of CO2 per plate. Throughout Málaga, this represents a cost of emissions of 10,000 tonnes of CO2!

The environmental benefit of this application is unimaginable.

Since there is no similar application in the world, with only Helioserver Horizon Calculator can take full advantage of its plate on any point of the earth. In Helioserver, we consider it important that this application reaches all corners of the world, so it has been translated into more widespread languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian) Our hope is that this application save tens of millions of tons of emissions worldwide!

Horizon Helioserver Calculator is also a useful tool in applications where it is necessary to calculate a horizontal profile. The profiles can be stored in text mode or how transparency mask. Stellarium or SkyMap are some applications that require this type of masks.

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