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UpdatedJanuary 12, 2022
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“LINE Manga” is an electronic comic service that allows you to easily enjoy manga works on your smartphone or tablet. “WEBTOON worldwide service”, a coalition of platform services that boasts the world’s largest scale in the market, with 72 million monthly users globally, over 200 million cumulative downloads, and monthly distribution amount of over 10 billion yen. We are developing in the Japanese market as a member.
The service started in Japan in 2013, and currently more than 700,000 items are distributed. Among them, we have more than 700 titles of original works, exclusive distribution works, and advance distribution works that can only be read in LINE manga, and have gained widespread support.

[Many “free trial readings”]
Try reading the entire volume! Some works can read more than 20 volumes instead of 1! !! The manga that you can try out is updated weekly, so you can read more and more for free.

[Characteristics of LINE Manga]
◆ Manga app, No. 1 download!
We have many popular manga such as drama and animated works.

◆ Overwhelming lineup of over 700,000 works!
Works in a wide range of genres such as shōnen manga and romance manga are posted!
You can enjoy a lot of manga including popular manga from each magazine such as Weekly Shonen Jump and Margaret.

◆ Enjoy for free with “Daily Free” or “¥ 0 Pass”
“Free every day” One episode is free every 23 hours “Free every day” and “¥ 0 pass” function that distributes items that you can read the target work for free if you wait for 2 hours to all users of the application You can enjoy it!
You can read up to 13 episodes a day by using the items in “Works eligible for ¥ 0 pass”.
(Paid content is included in the work)
(Please note that packet communication charges will be borne by the customer depending on the usage)
(The period during which the free serialization is applied and the number of stories vary depending on the work)

◆ Abundant original works & exclusive pre-delivery manga!
“LINE Manga Original” has more than 700 titles. Many works that can only be read in LINE Manga are posted.
(Partial introduction)
The advent of the goddess
Fighting self-study
Enrollment mercenary
Fighting God Reincarnation Record
I’m the only beginner with level MAX
From the omniscient reader’s point of view
Tutorial tower crock
Request remarriage approval
The first experience of the leading role, I took it away
Tower of God
Marie Me!
Office girlfriend
That child who was carefully raised is a beast !?
Actress disqualification
Revenge Poison Drum -Flower-
Sweet Home

◆ A wide range of genres of manga and novels are being posted.
Love, horror, mystery, fantasy / science fiction, human drama, battle, action, sports, underworld, angler, everyday, TL, BL, gag, comedy, history, era, magazines, novels, light novels. doing.

◆ Regularly holding great deals
A coin return campaign where coins are returned at a high return rate when you purchase the target work
A mission event where you can clear missions and get coins for free
In addition, we are holding a lot of great deals.

◆ You can read animations, movies, and popular works all at once.
LINE Manga has many popular manga such as animated and movie-made works.
(Partial introduction)
Jujutsu Kaisen
Demon slayer
Spy family
Tokyo Revengers
The Fable
Blue period
Don’t say mystery
King ranking
What did you eat yesterday?
When I was reincarnated, it was slime Unemployed reincarnated ~ I’m serious when I go to another world ~
Record of Ragnarok

◆ Supports multiple devices!
If you log in with your LINE account, you can read up to 3 manga purchased at the same time, such as smartphones and tablets.

You can also check the latest campaign information here.
[WEB site]
[Twitter account]
[LINE Official Account]

[LINE Manga is recommended for people like this! ]
◆ Those who want to read many manga / comics for free
・ I want to try out various works with a popular comic app
・ I’m looking for a comic app that I can read if I wait because I don’t have to read all at once.
・ I want to read comics using the manga app recommended by my friends.
・ I want an electronic manga app with many free manga
・ I’m looking for a manga app that allows you to read one episode per work for free every day.
・ I want to read manga with the manga comic app while commuting
・ Since the bookshelf is full, I want to enjoy WEB manga with the free manga all-you-can-read app.
・ I used to use the free manga app xoy, so I want to use the manga app when I migrate.
・ I want to read a comic that can be read one episode at a time if I wait for 23 hours.

・ I want to try a manga service that allows you to read all-you-can-read interesting manga if you wait.
・ I want to enjoy commuting time by reading one episode each day of manga and comics.
・ I want to use the all-you-can-read manga app that many people use
・ I want to use an app that allows me to browse famous boy magazines (Weekly Shonen Jump, Weekly Shonen Magazine, Shonen Sunday) for free.
・ I want a comic app that updates free manga every day.
・ I want a manga app that can read works published in very famous manga magazines.

◆ Those who want to read a wide range of e-books such as manga, magazines, and light novels
・ I want to read Weekly Shonen Magazine and Weekly Shonen Champion
・ I want to read Young Jump and Young Magazine
・ I want to read popular manga / light novels such as reincarnated in another world and villain daughters.
・ I’m looking for an app that allows me to read weekly manga quickly on the release date.
・ I’m looking for a popular light novel

◆ Those who want to get excited with romance comics
・ I want to read the separate Margaret (separate magazine) and Nakayoshi’s romance comics.
・ I want to find the next romance manga that I’m addicted to with a free manga app
・ I want to read popular shojo manga using the all-you-can-read comic service
・ I want to read a lot of romantic comedy manga for free.
・ I want to squeeze my heart with shojo manga using Rain’s popular comic app
・ I want to read a free comic about an adult’s love
・ I’m looking for an app that can read manga from the manga magazine Margaret.

◆ Those who want to be excited about shounen manga and seinen manga
・ I’m looking for a manga app that can read Shonen comics published in Weekly Shonen Jump / Shonen Sunday.
・ I want a manga app that allows you to read serialized seinen manga for free.
・ I want to relieve stress by reading action manga with an app that can read one episode of comics every day.
・ I’m looking for an all-you-can-read comic app that allows you to try out the popular shounen manga.
・ I want an app that can read popular comics in Weekly Shonen Magazine.
・ I want to browse manga published in Shonen Jump, Young Jump, and Shonen Sunday.

◆ Both famous and original works! Those who want to enjoy works of a wide range of genres
・ I want to read a wide variety of manga and comics every day
・ I want to use an electronic comic that can read a lot of works in the gap time
・ I like romance manga and shōnen manga, so I’m looking for a manga app that has a wide range of genres of comics.
・ I’m looking for a free manga comic service that allows you to try out popular indie manga.

LINE Manga has newly used the LINE brand color “green” as a service color for “LINE Manga”.
By strengthening cooperation with each LINE service, we aim to further expand in Japan.

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