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Fujitsu Quaderno Mobile app for Android


Fujitsu Quaderno Mobile app for Android

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UpdatedOctober 17, 2020
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■ Data transfer on the go
You can send and receive data with your smartphone even when you are away from home.

・ You can use Quadrno anytime, anywhere and get your job done!

・ Quaderno can be used even in a private scene where you do not carry a computer!

■ From smartphone to Quaderno
You can transfer PDF data from your smartphone to Quaderno.

・ Transfer materials attached to e-mail to Quaderno.
You can check on the large screen and write comments with handwriting, so you can effectively use your travel time when you don’t have a computer or can’t open it!

・ Transfer a long article found on the web to Quaderno.
You can read it carefully and refer to it at a later date so you don’t miss out on business-critical information!

■ From Quadrno to Smartphone
You can transfer PDF data from Quadrno to your smartphone.

・ Transfer documents written in Quaderno to your smartphone.
If you send data with comments attached to an e-mail, you can immediately give feedback on the go!

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