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MKV Video Player
Can you media player play MKV video formats smoothly? Can you player play all video formats includes flv/f4v, and asf and so on? MKV Video Player is this kind of media player that can play hundreds of video formats without any problem! If you have a player like this. You need not download any Video Converter from internet any more. It also has a high quality in screen and volume. As a result, this free video player can offer you the best visual and listening experience when you enjoying film or home video with this best player!
You may have the problem that, you may press some button on screen when you enjoying music/mp3 MV or movie with your media player and then enter another page unexpectedly! MKV Video Player can avoid this problem! You can lock the screen when you are enjoying an film.Then if you press the screen carelessly, there will no reaction of the screen. And when you finished the watching, you can press the menu/add button on your mobile to unlock!
Compared with common player, this MKV media player also has many special functions. For example, you can shot the screen if you think some scene is beautiful or interesting; you can add subtitle in the video, as a result, you can learn foreign language or learn new song with the player; you can change the screen size…
Have any interesting? Now let’s view its great features one by one:
1.100% free for all people who would like watching video on mobile phone.
2.Scan and show you a list about the video file on your mobile phone.
3.In the list, you can see the video name and format.
4.Fresh the video list if you can not find the video you would like to watch.
5.Play as a file browser and see all file in your mobile phone.
6.Search the image you shot when you watch the video.
7.Shot the screen when you encounter some picture in the video.
8.You can adjust the screen size when you watch the film.
9.Lock screen and press menu button to unlock. So you can press the video as you like without worry about enter some other page.
10.You can add subtitle to the movie you can watching. It is really conveniently when you what to learn a new song or watching a dialects movie!
11.Supported us with five stars with about button in screen or the button on home page.

MKV Video Player is one of the best video player on android market. You can use it to enjoy beautiful music MV, interesting film and so on. When you have noting to do, you can open the player to enjoy the video you download from twitter, Facebook, torrent sites with other devices in your mobile. Download it and it will not let you down!
~~~~~~~~~~~For You~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I know I know it is boring! but I have to show this information to you gays~~ This free app has ad! such as icon ad, notification ad. Its just ad, like you see ad in your TV everyday, nothing is special, my friends, I can earn this cents to buy a beef, that is all!

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