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Dicom Editor


Dicom Editor

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UpdatedDecember 7, 2012
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The application is mainly designed as a DICOM image viewing/editing tool for clinical use and medical training. Features include:
1. Viewing images as well as the relevant information contained in standard DICOM files
– Large images (more than 12 million pixels) are supported.
– Detailed textual information including the patient’s name, gender, age, attending physician, check parts, etc. are displayed.
– Display effect is adjustable. A variety configurations of the iconic window width and window level (chest, abdominal cavity, bones, lungs, etc.) are supported.
2. Annotation of regions of interest (ROIs)
– User can manually mark out the ROIs (in polygon or rectangle) of the image and save them.
– Multiple ROI annotation files can be loaded and overlaid on the image.
– Info of ROIs are saved using AIM schema proposed by Stanford University.
3. Support multiple annotation files
4. JPG and PNG files are also supported (without textual information)

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