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Empathy is a measure how well you’re able to understand and care about how someone else is feeling. For individuals in the medical profession, this is a vital trait to have. One-on-one interactions between doctors and patients, though short, have a lasting impact on the amount of trust the patient has for his or her caregiver. Doctors that are better at showing empathy have been shown to have more satisfied and trusting patients while also dealing with less medical malpractice lawsuits than those who do not show empathy as well.

Using this app will allow you to play a useful role in the instruction and training of medical school students, the doctors of our future. You will be presented with patient questions to caregivers and be shown the corresponding responses doctors provided. Based on this information, you will then be asked to rate the amount of empathy the doctor showed the patient through their reply.

In another mode, you’re asked to play the doctor. Here, it is your job to think respond to the patient and tell them what you think they’d want to hear in a given situation. The integrated leaderboards allow you to track your answers and see how well your response is doing compared to other users’.

Rate empathy. Help make doctors better.

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