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UpdatedJanuary 1, 1970
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PillManager is a personal medication management system that helps you to:
•Manage the usage (both amount and frequency) of your medication
•Set up and trigger reminders as to when to take your medication
•Keep a history of all the medications that you have taken
•Re-order your medication from your Pharmacy or Doctor, directly from within the app
•Send you a reminder when to re-order your medication

Key Features & Benefits
PillManager is the first application to allow the user to not only track their medication, but also send reorder requests directly from their handset to their doctor or pharmacist, simply at the touch of a button. Reorder requests can be text or image based, with images taken with the device’s built in camera, and are sent via email from within the app interface.
Say you want to transfer your prescription to a Pharmacist. No need to spend countless amount of time going through all the details over the phone. Simply transmit a copy of your prescription or a picture of your medication instantly from within the app. Job done!
The app keeps a record of medication taken, details of which can then be distributed via email to interested parties, directly from within the app. This can be very useful, for example, when visiting your doctor, since now you can transmit your medication intake history, to the doctor, prior to your visit
Users can create audible and visual alerts when their medication is due, based on defined timescales for morning, noon and evening doses. Using Push notification, the app is able to alert you as soon as the medication is due, even when not using the application.
All information within the app is PIN protected, ensuring that all data remains confidential and is only shared with trusted individuals for the purposes of tracking recent medication histories or for prescription modifications.
The application also includes a handy Notes application which you can use to keep and track important notes about your medication etc.
If your Pharmacy is registered with us, and the Pharmacy has issued you their Pharmacy Code, your App will display the specific Pharmacy details without you having to remember any Pharmacy contact information. You may be able to dial the Pharmacy directly from their contact information as well as send in your prescription requests to your chosen Pharmacy without
having to remember the Pharmacy email address. It also allows the Pharmacy Logo to be displayed on the different pages.

Recent changes:
1.Medication information can now be entered on PRN (Pro Re Nata) basis, or As Needed Basis. When taking medication marked as “As needed basis”, the history will also reflect when you took these medicines, as long as it marked as taken.
2.If your Pharmacy is registered with us, and the Pharmacy has issued you their Pharmacy Code, the Pharmacy now has an option to send you an instant notification as soon as your prescription is ready for collection or if it has been denied for any reas

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