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Please note: app is working properly with earphones only (not with device headset).

This is a lite version of SoundAMP with Rec (full version is available to buy through in-app purchase). Lite version options: all features are available besides working in background mode, and maximum recording time is 30 seconds.

App is ideal for people with hearing disabilities. As an enhancing tool for hearing impaired, it will be helpful in communication, education and entertainment (watching TV etc). Get crystal clear sound with a help of your mobile phone: amplify the voice and reduce the noise.

SoundAMP with Rec is an effective hearing aid app aimed to improve the sound quality. Just plug in your earphones, and you’ll hear everything you need!

With the app, you can easily choose appropriate sound intensity, reduce excessive loudness and focus your attention only on relevant information (boost the speech in presentations, education, conversations etc)

SoundAMP with Rec supports background mode, so you can check your email, surf the Internet, text and use the app at the same time.


1. Please make sure the media volume on the phone is on the minimum level.
2. Take your earphones (not headsets!) and plug into the phone, make sure: you don’t hold your phone very close to the earphones, you don’t hear the feedback loop and the sound is not very loud.
3. Place the earphones into your ears.
4. Start raising media volume level and raise the amplify level next.
5. Use Tune controls to improve environmental sound, amplify the voice and reduce background noise.

With this app you can record the sound, even in background mode.
Don’t miss any detail from an interesting lecture or important business meeting: record and add labels where you want.

Save, rename and delete the files you have recorded, add or remove the labels and listen to the most important parts of the track.

– start recording on launch: app will automatically start recording when it is launched;
– enhance the sound you hear by removing the noise and echo effect(works only on some devices);
– edit recording sample rate to adjust the sound quality;
– check available disk space and remaining recording time.

For your questions or feedback please contact us at

WARNING: This app makes sounds very loud. Use common sense and caution.
When you download and install this software, you agree to our End User License Agreement (End-User License Agreement).

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